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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 18th January 2012

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Creating a Japanese garden will make you feel like you have gone to another world each time you step into your garden. The purpose behind a Japanese garden is more than appealing flowers and plants. It is to be a tranquil location for meditation and relaxation. It is to be a peaceful place to explore yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no ideal Japanese garden. There are no magical elements one must have. Instead, Japanese gardens are developed like most other gardens where individual styles and interests reflect the final result. The architecture of Japanese gardens generally consists of large openings and wooden awnings. Mountains and cascades are popular in Japanese culture, but it is not common to find them in Japanese gardens because of the amount of space they take to create.

Bridges and pathways are typical elements of Japanese gardens. The bridges can be miniature in size to add appeal without taking up large amounts of space. Paths can be designed for taking a leisurely stroll through your Japanese garden. There are many types of stones to choose from to create your own unique pathway.

Japanese gardens with a pond are absolutely gorgeous. The pond can be any shape or size you wish to fit into the layout of the garden. Choose to add fish or plants to the pond for added effects. Streams and waterfalls are popular alternatives to ponds as they take up less room and they are much easier to maintain.

To give your Japanese garden a feature that is attractive and relaxing, consider using white sand. The idea of raking the sand is sand to relieve stress and enhance creative thinking. To make your Japanese garden more original, consider using plants and shreds that are commonly grown in Japan. The ability to do this will depend on the climate in the area you live in. The pine tree is valued in Japan for its ability to survive over the changes time brings to each of us. This is a great symbolic tree to add to your Japanese garden. Incorporating stones of all sizes into your Japanese garden can help balance the look.

Japanese gardens will leave you mesmerized. They offer an appeal that most ordinary gardens just don’t have. It gives a person the feeling that they have stepped into a new dimension rather than into their yard. You can find great books on tips for decorating your Japanese garden. It is said a Japanese garden is never done, always a work in progress. This may give you a wonderful project to continue enhancing over time.

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