Zen Gardens

A Zen Garden is a Japanese garden that offers raked gravel that resembles running water, rocks shaped like mountains, and plants. Zen gardens have become very popular in the United States. They add a unique appeal to the landscaping. Zen gardens are also very easy to create. Many people enjoy the fact that this type of garden requires very little maintenance once it is in place. The word Zen means dry, so you are talking about a garden that requires no water.

Zen gardens are said to help heal and relax the mind, body, and soul. Mini Zen gardens are common in stressful business jobs. This consists of a small box of sand with miniature rocks and a miniature rake. When the individual gets stressed, he can rake the sand in slow strokes while breathing deeply. This will help calm the individual.

The two basic necessities you need to create a Zen garden are sand and rocks. The sand should be made of crushed granite. You want to use sand that is white, beige, or gray. Shiny, sculptured rocks add a complex and classic look to your Zen garden. A small bridge is also a common item found in many Zen gardens, though it isn’t required, it certainly adds even more appeal to the overall effect.

Zen gardens originated in Japan. Today, they are very popular in the United States. Some people turned to Zen gardens for landscaping because they wanted something very low maintenance. Others chose it because they lived in a severe drought area. Still yet, many have chosen to create a Zen garden because they love the beautiful effect it gives to any landscaped area.

All the items you need to make the perfect Zen garden are available at your local home improvement store as well as online. If you are not able to create your own Zen garden, consider hiring a contractor or landscaper to do the work for you. They can offer excellent suggestions for ways to design your Zen garden. If you have specific ideas, they will listen to what you want, and then make it happen.

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Japanese Gardens

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 18th January 2012

Creating a Japanese garden will make you feel like you have gone to another world each time you step into your garden. The purpose behind a Japanese garden is more than appealing flowers and plants. It is to be a tranquil location for meditation and relaxation. It is to be a peaceful place to explore yourself.

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