Walkways & Garden Paths

A neat and organized walkway can be a great addition to your garden or landscape design. This can be a sidewalk made out of paving stones or even just a mulch path that curves through your garden.

Walkways allow you to walk through your garden without disturbing the plants or landscape design. They can also add a touch of professionalism and class as well.

You will find several pictures of paths and walkways on this website. Hopefully these photos will give you some ideas for walkways you can use with your own home or landscaping project.

Walkways & Garden Paths Articles

Personalizing your garden walkways

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 26th June 2014

Your garden's walkway can become an integral element of your garden's appeal. As visitors meander past brightly colored flowers, striking green trees, and lush grasses, your walkway's patterns and textures will also hold their attention.

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