Trees That Provide The Most Privacy

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

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Most of us want it, some of us try to do it, and the majority of us do not have it. We are talking about privacy in our own homes and yards. Do you have that snoopy neighbor who is always peeking into your yard much less your windows? When you are trying to relax in your yard, do you have those neighbors who feel it is a requirement to come on over and talk for hours keeping you from your peace and quiet time you wanted just for yourself? We have all had a couple of those. And at the least opportune moments, a nuisance they can be. Well placed strategic natural barriers can give you what you crave the most! Peace and quiet can be had with these barriers. And so can your privacy from prying eyes.

We have all looked around for ideas on how we could eliminate this situation, and one very common method that works well is to plant trees that can block their view and keep the noise levels down. Oh yes, we all know our neighbors have those good ears too! By choosing the right tree or shrub for your barrier, you can not only block out line of sight but create a nice sound barrier as well.

One of the trees that have the best coverage is the Leyland Cypress Tree. This is one of the most popular trees used to create natural barriers because they grow 3-4 feet a year, it grows in a majestic pyramid shape, is very low maintenance, doesn’t require much pruning, and is very adaptable to different soil conditions and climates. Leyland Cypress Trees also grow well in the sun or shade, and handle drought conditions very well. The other plus is that it is sturdy and thick enough to serve as a wind barrier. Leyland Cypress Tree can help keep your privacy all year round because there is continual foliage from this type of tree.

Another common tree that is used, and is probably the easiest to maintain in our busy lives, is the Thuja Green Giant Evergreen. They require no trimming or pruning because they grow naturally in the cone shape everyone strives for. These trees grow 3-5 feet a year and they are one of the hardiest of the hardy. Thuja Green Giant Evergreen trees are also very hardy against disease, such as the fungus Cerosporidium sequoiae. These trees are also very resistant to insects. Not even the deer will bother them. One other very nice advantage to the Thuja Green Giant Evergreen is the aromatic scent they give off. The smell they constantly give off can keep the air in your yard smelling clean and fresh year around.

Fairly new to the landscaping arena is the Dynamite Crape Myrtle. If you want to add color to your landscaping just plant some of these trees. This tree blooms all summer long, giving you the most majestic scarlet reds you have ever seen. This tree has typically been used in high-end homes or commercial developments. It is now available to the general public. The mature height is 20-30 feet with a 15 foot spread. Can grow in full to partial sun and is also very adaptable to soil and weather condition. This tree is just gorgeous and because of this, has won many awards for landscapers who have utilized this tree in their designs.

Whether your needs are to create a noise barrier, a way to avoid those pesky neighbors or something to add beauty to your landscape, planting the right trees can help you create a landscape that is not only beautiful but sure to last for years to come.

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