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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

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Trees are a wonderful way to add appeal to your landscaping area. There are many important questions you will need to ask yourself prior to planting such trees. First, take a look at how much room you have. You will need to consider the growth the trees will have over time. Another key factor to consider is how the trees will look during each season. This can have quite an affect on the look of your landscaping during the various seasons.

Magnolia trees are a popular choice for landscaping because they are so colorful. Many people choose apple trees because they grow in a wonderful pattern as well as for the added benefits of the delicious fruit. Dogwood trees are another fine choice because they offer something for many seasons. They offer colorful blooms in the spring, unique branch patterns in the summer, and amazing color changes into fall. Many types of birds are attracted to dogwoods, so keep that in mind when considering them.

Japanese maple trees offer magnificent color contrasts to your landscaping. They offer amazing color in the autumn as well as the summer. It is best to mix Japanese maple trees with other types of trees because they offer color changes in summer that are enhanced against the green color of most other trees during that season. This type of maple tree grows very tall and wide, offer large amounts of shade.

Blue spruce trees look wonderful all year long, but especially in the winter when most trees have lost their glory. If you live in a region where it snows, nothing is more breath taking on a crisp winter day than a blue spruce sprinkled with white powder. Dwarf Alberta spruce trees are a great choice as well, offering the same look but one a much smaller scale. Some individuals chose to use a line of Aborvitae trees to create a privacy fence without investing in an actual fence. This is a very appealing addition to any landscaping design.

Choosing the right trees for your landscaping is not easy. There are many factors to contend with. You want to choose trees that grow well in your area and that are appealing during different seasons. It can get quite tricky once you start adding different trees. It is important to consider their size as well as how they will look next to each other. You will want to discuss this with a qualified landscaper or do the research yourself on the internet. You might also consider purchasing landscaping design software to visually show you have the trees will look.

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