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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

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Trees are a critical part of landscaping. They are essential parts of most plans due to the unique combination of aesthetic and practical value they bring to any situation. There is nothing quite like a tree in terms of appearance. Large trees add a feeling of maturity to a property while simultaneously serving as a compositional counterpoint to the landscaping efforts on the ground. The beautiful giants of landscaping can make or break the appearance of a property. If you consider some of the most beautiful and attractive properties you have encountered, the trees involved in the landscaping were probably a large part of the overall appeal.

Looks, however, are just the beginning. Trees are immensely popular on pragmatic grounds, as well. Trees are a widely recognized means by which to improve a home’s overall energy efficiency. They serve as a barrier to the harsh elements of winter and provide shade to keep homes cooler during the summer. Some estimates claim that the use of trees can decrease overall energy consumption by twenty percent (or more) per year. That makes trees a wise investment, considering the always-increasing price of energy. It also adds another layer of comfort to a home.

Trees also offer practical environmental advantages. As we all learned in grade school science classes, trees do us all a service by “soaking up” unbreathable gases and converting them efficiently into the oxygen we need. The environmental movement has long recommended planting additional trees as a means of staving off various potentially negative environmental scenarios and as a counterpoint to pollution.

Obviously, trees offer some fantastic benefits and it is not surprising that most landscapers and homeowners want to integrate them into landscaping plans. Unfortunately, there is a problem with using trees–especially in newly developed areas where none are already present. The mighty trees for which so many homeowners long take a great deal of time to grow. Those stately massive oaks that line the oldest streets of a city have been in place for decades and may still be growing. A new homeowner who is trying to produce a great landscape may finish paying his or her mortgage long before many varieties of trees will reach the roof of a home.

Luckily, there is a solution to the slow growth problem. Landscapers can take advantage of fast growing trees. These rapid growers can provide all of the advantages associated with incorporating trees into a landscaping plan without subjecting property owners to an extended wait some varieties of fast growing trees can reach impressive heights of up to ten feet within as little as a year!

The fastest growing tree is the Royal Empress. With very little care, a Royal Empress can reach lofty heights within a single year and can grow over twenty feet in height within three years. They also have a root structure that tends to extend downward, making them less of a potential problem in terms of disrupting underground piping or foundations. Their oversized leaves provide a great deal of shade.

Other fast growing trees are the American Sycamore and different varieties of Hybrid Poplars. There are also many different kinds of evergreen trees that are notorious for their rapid growth. Nurseries, responding to the desires of landscapers, are also working to perfect other strains of fast-growing trees, insuring additional options for future developers and homeowners.

You do not have to wait decades to reap the numerous advantages of using trees in your landscaping. Fast growing trees provide a wonderful way of capturing those benefits without requiring a significant wait. If you are in the process of planning a landscape and have been disappointed by your inability to effectively utilize trees within a reasonable amount of time, you may want to take a long hard look at some of the amazing fast growing trees currently available.

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