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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

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So you just moved into that new house and want to do some landscaping. Or you have new neighbors that like to know all the happenings on your block. Or like many places traffic on main country roads has picked up so much that you almost have a line of cars going down your road.

You have decided that you would like to plant some shrubs as deterrence or for privacy reasons and to your way of thinking you would like this to happen fast. You are now wondering what kind of shrubs you can purchase that will not only enhance your landscaping but also grow fast to accomplish your main goal.

The Redosier Dogwood is a fine example of a fast growing shrub. This deciduous shrub is widely known for its winter interests for its stunning red stems. This shrub can provide a fast mid-size screen in the summer months. It produces white flowers in the late spring only to give you the gift of stunning white fruit in the late summer. This shrub grows 7-9 feet tall with about the same size circumference. Not only would you be quieting up your yard and avoiding the neighbors, you would also be adding additional beauty to your landscaping at the same time.

The Leyland Cypress is a shrub that everyone is seeking out. The are very fast growing and grow up rather that out. If you Leyland Cypress if very happy, this bush will bless you with three to four feet of vertical every growing season. So it is very easy to see why this is becoming a very popular shrub. The normal color of this shrub is a very dark green. But wait, it also comes in bluish greens, gold, gray and bright green. This shrub can grow from fifty to seventy feet high, but with proper trimming and pruning you will be able to maintain the size of this shrub that you desire.

The lilac is also another good choice in a fast growing shrub. They are easily maintained and you get the added benefits of fragrance of the lilacs. This is a must have in my yard as I love lilac. I have lilac candles, carpet deodorizer, scented oils and air aromatizes. Needless to say, this is one aroma that I can’t live without.

If your into the old fashioned type of shrubs, the are an abundance of nursery’s today that have acquired seeds from all of the true plants. None of the man-made hybrids that have been created in today’s scheme. I would personally prefer the old fashion shrubs myself. The do remind me of grandmother and great-grandmother. My grandfather was an avid gardener. I remember going through his vegetable garden, sitting down and eating vegetables straight from the plant. I remember all the beautiful flowers he planted. He did this almost up the day he died. After he became terminally ill, a family member would take him to his gardens and he would still work in them as much as he could. To me the old fashioned shrubs and flowers, even though flowers are not in the subject, bring me back to a time when life was easier, tranquil and when family traditions and standards where at their most important. When I look at these old fashioned shrubs, they remind of these very important things.

But the choice is yours and yours alone. There are many beautiful hybrids shrub out today that are still beautiful and maybe even a little more beautiful. The choices can be overwhelming, but in the end what ever you decide to add to your landscaping or change, you will have years of enjoyment.

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