How to Keep Your Pool Blue

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 01st February 2012

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Have you ever been invited to the neighbor’s home or a friend’s house to go swimming in the pool only to find green water and floating scum? What about your own pool? Do you feel like you are fighting a loosing battle trying to keep that nice blue color and clarity in your pool you so desire? In this article, we will examine the cause of some of the problems and offer easy to use and cost effective solutions to help you keep your pool a sparkling blue all season long!

There are a number of common water color and quality problems when it comes to pools. Some of the most common are cloudy or milky water, green water or rusty looking water. Other problems that can occur are mildew, rust, algae, and issues that cause discomfort to the swimmers and users of your pool. With proper treatment most of these problems can be easily resolved and with continued preventative treatment you will be able to help keep the problems from occurring again.

If your pool water is exhibiting a cloudy or milky look, the first thing you should do is either purchase a pH testing kit or have someone test your pool for its pH or high total alkalinity content. A high alkalinity is one of the most common caused for a milky looking pool. This symptom is usually caused by a high salt crystallization content in your pool. Lowering the pH can eliminate this problem effectively. If the pH level is within tolerance, other things that can cause this problem should be checked.

Some other causes for milky or cloudy pools are dirt and bather pollution, a blocked or damaged filter and finally your chlorine is reduced in effectiveness due to your stabilizer being to high in concentration. For each of these issues, you will need to take corrective measures with your pool to resolve the problem. Those measures should be taken in compliance with your pool instructions, the type and size of the pool and the levels of chemicals recommended for your pool.

If you pool is exhibiting a green water problem, the most common problem to look for is the growth of algae. This is caused by not having enough chlorine in your pool or the chlorine you are using being ineffective. To resolve this problem the quickest way, you will need to ‘shock’ treat your pool with effective un-stabilized chlorine like calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite. You can also choose to use an algaecide instead however it may take longer to see results.

You will also need to completely clean all your filters and any areas where algae have formed. To clear out any remaining haziness you will want to utilize a cationic clarifier for your pool. This should be used only as directed by your pool guidelines for maintenance. Once you have resolved your green water problem, you should adjust your pool chemical concentrations to help prevent any future recurrence.

Pools that exhibit a red or rusty looking water can be an indication of a serious problem or the start of a serious problem that if not resolved quickly can lead to expensive and costly repairs in the future. The rusty look is caused by steel or ferrous metal fittings corroding in the pool and pipe system the pool uses. Any accessible fittings should immediately be cleaned or more preferable, should be replaced with PVC or Copper piping. If you pool uses a lining it can be stained by the rust saturated water and you should immediately contact your pool dealer to find out the best steps to take to avoid further damage and costly repairs.

Monitoring your pool water routinely can help you avoid problems with your pool. Keeping the proper and recommended levels of chemicals will help you avoid discolored water and mechanical failures that would keep you from enjoying a day in the sun by your pool!

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