Swimming Pools - Above Ground vs. In-ground

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 27th January 2012

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If you have seriously considered the dream of owning your very own swimming pool, particularly in the dog days of summer, I am sure you have discovered that there is no small cost involved in the prospect. There are many options and alternatives available to today’s consumer that haven’t always been available in the past but this remains a decision that merits serious consideration because of the size and scope of the particular investment. The good news is that today’s options vary in design, style, look, and expense and offer alternatives that you may find suitable for even the most meager of budgets.

The first question that most homeowners should consider is whether or not they must absolutely have an in ground pool or if an above ground pool would suffice. There are many reasons why owning an above ground pool is beneficial to you as a homeowner and I will go over a few of them for you. Perhaps these will assist you in the decision making process.

First of all, most people do not live in one home all their lives. This means that there is a good probability that you will be selling your home at some point in time. An in ground pool is a permanent structure that isn’t easily removed and could actually lower the value of your home to potential buyers (believe it or not, not everyone wants a pool) above ground pools are much easier to remove if potential home buyers wish and they will keep that in mind when bidding on your home.

Second, in many communities, in ground pools are heavily taxed. These taxes do not however extend to above ground pools. For many families this is a huge benefit as some of the taxes are potentially steep. This is also another issue that will affect you when it comes to time to sell your home.

Third, you don’t need a heater in some areas with an above ground pool even though it would be a near requirement for an in ground pool in these areas. Some areas within the U.S. the ground remains cold throughout the year so while the temperature is nice and often quite hot outside and above ground the water will remain too cold for swimming unless there is a heater in the pool to keep it nice and comfortable.

The thing to remember is that the above ground pools of today are nothing like those of years long past. Today’s selections are smooth, sleek, and often quite elegant. You may just find that the differences are amazing and well worth a second look. More importantly than any of the above reasons I’ve mentioned however, is the fact that for the most part, the above ground pools of today are much more affordable than an in ground pool. That fact alone is nothing to overlook when we are generally stretching our budgets from month to month as it is. You can also take your above ground pools for you when you move and that cannot be said about an in ground pool.

As I mentioned before, if you are looking into a pool for your personal enjoyment or the enjoyment of your family it may very well be worth looking into the benefit that installing and maintaining an above ground pool could provide. There are many benefits that go well beyond the initial cost and much less work involved in maintaining. Ultimately the choice is yours.

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