Swimming Pools

The ultimate in backyard landscaping is the swimming pool. No other landscaping idea can compare to the breath-taking view of a sparkling swimming pool.

Although inground pools are the most impressive, even some above ground swimming pools can give a great backyard makeover, especially if you build a wrap-around deck to surround it.

Swimming pools are not as expensive as most people think really. However, if you are planning on selling your home in the next year or two, you will not likely recover the cost of having the pool put in. Pools are a great idea if you are planning on living in your home for a few years and will have time to enjoy it.

Swimming Pools Articles

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 01st February 2012

Having a swimming pool for your home enjoyment is a great way to spend your time relaxing and enjoying the cool water. However, most swimming pool owners want the area to be appealing as well. There are many great ways you can landscape the area. You have the option of putting your create side into motion. Many great supplies are available at craft stores and home improvement stores. You can also find many great ideas and do it yourself landscaping ideas on the internet.

How to Keep Your Pool Blue

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 01st February 2012

Have you ever been invited to the neighbor’s home or a friend’s house to go swimming in the pool only to find green water and floating scum? What about your own pool? Do you feel like you are fighting a loosing battle trying to keep that nice blue color and clarity in your pool you so desire? In this article, we will examine the cause of some of the problems and offer easy to use and cost effective solutions to help you keep your pool a sparkling blue all season long!

Swimming Pools - Above Ground vs. In-ground

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 27th January 2012

If you have seriously considered the dream of owning your very own swimming pool, particularly in the dog days of summer, I am sure you have discovered that there is no small cost involved in the prospect. There are many options and alternatives available to today’s consumer that haven’t always been available in the past but this remains a decision that merits serious consideration because of the size and scope of the particular investment. The good news is that today’s options vary in design, style, look, and expense and offer alternatives that you may find suitable for even the most meager of budgets.

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