You're in good company!

Landscaping ideas online collects stunning landscaping photos from a variety of sources. We then sell a monthly subscription to individuals working on their own landscaping project, who use these photos for ideas and inspiration. We've already received stunning photo submissions from the likes of Michael Glassman (Garden Police), Rich Pomerantz and many other landscape designers.

Why should I give my photos to you?

We're looking for a non exclusive license to display your photos in the members area of Landscaping Ideas Online. In exchange for displaying your photos, you'll receive:

Earn Money


We offer $3 for every photo you provide and that we use in the landscaping members area.

And if you have more than 1000 we'll also pay you a bonus.

Receive Traffic


Photo owners receive full accreditation so people know where the photo is from. With over 150,000 unique views per month this is a fantastic source of traffic to drive leads to your own landscaping business.

Free Access


Photo owners receive free access to our members area. You'll have access to over 4000 landscaping photos and be able to interact with individuals asking questions about your photos.

Your photos are fully protected

Fully protected images

To protect your photos we add a copyright watermark to those featured on our website.

We also have website security in place that prevents theft via image hotlinking.

We know how much work went into your landscaping project and we feel strongly about protecting your photos from illegal download.

How to I get my photos to you?

Please submit your photos through this website. After we've received them we'll be in touch directly with a response.

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