Great Places To Find Landscaping Rocks

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 21st January 2012

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Most of us find ourselves at some point in time looking for inspiration when it comes to landscaping our lawn and gardens. The great thing about it is that most of us find inspiration in many different places. Even better is that many of us like different types of stones as well. There are all kinds of great places where one can find landscaping rocks. Just be sure to look at all the rocks you see on a daily basis with landscaping in mind you may find that you stumble across a few in the grocery store parking lot.

I am personally fond of river rock. I love the colors and the smoothness of these stones as well as the sense of nature and history that have made them this way. For my search, I always find creeks and rivers to be a great source for scrounging a nice sized stone or two. Over time they add up. Fortunately for me I live quite near a river bend where the rapids meet the calm. This is an excellent location for scouting out landscaping rocks. But it takes all kinds of tastes, flavors, likes, and dislikes to make the world go round and this leads to other great locations as well.

I can’t help but chuckle when I try to think of great places to find landscaping rocks as my sister-in-law seems to have found the best possible location, at least from her point of view. She lives in a housing development that is constantly expanding and building new homes. Their home is one of the many new and lovely homes built in this community of homes with winding streets and plenty of new construction on any given day. As a result of the continuous construction there seems to be a steady supply of large stones and rocks that are excellent sizes and choices for small landscaping projects. She is continuously finding piles of these stones at the future curbs of new homes and selecting the perfect stone or stones for her personal landscaping needs. All this to say: any new construction site might be a good choice for scouting out these great landscaping rocks. Just a little note, it’s probably a good idea to ask permission before doing this as a courtesy. You can catch far more flies with honey than if they think you are lurking about and possibly tampering with equipment or something.

If these nifty sites aren’t enough to keep your rock collection in great supply you could also check out your local landscaping supply store. If all else fails you can almost always buy some excellent landscaping rocks to keep your lawn and garden area lovely and well kept. In fact, these stores will offer a much greater selection from which to choose. I however am incredibly fond of choosing the route of least investment first and moving on to paying ventures as a last resort. If you have a rock quarry in your area this is another great place where you can find landscaping rocks. Use your imagination and I’m sure you’ll find that there are excellent rocks for landscaping all around you.

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