Rock Gardens and Stones

Rock gardens are becoming very popular like many other unique landscaping project ideas. Rock gardens and stone landscaping are popular for a couple of reasons.

First, they are generally pretty easy to create. You can use natural rocks and stones you find on your property, or you can purchase them from landscaping supplier stores.

Also, rock gardens provide the “natural” look that a lot of people enjoy. If you are not a plant lover and want a low maintenance landscape design, rocks and stones may be just what you are looking for. Our photographers have taken some great pictures of rock & stone gardens or you can also view the Premium Landscaping Photos.

Luckily, building a rock garden is pretty easy. They can really add curb appeal to your home, and adding curb appeal is a great idea when listing your home for sale.

Rock Gardens and Stones Articles

Landscaping Rock

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 25th January 2012

Using rock to add color and definition to your landscaping is a great idea. Most rock is very inexpensive and easy to maintain. It also doesn’t require water or other types of care like living landscaping features do. The use of landscaping rock to personalize your landscaping is quite easy.

Great Places To Find Landscaping Rocks

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 21st January 2012

Most of us find ourselves at some point in time looking for inspiration when it comes to landscaping our lawn and gardens. The great thing about it is that most of us find inspiration in many different places. Even better is that many of us like different types of stones as well. There are all kinds of great places where one can find landscaping rocks. Just be sure to look at all the rocks you see on a daily basis with landscaping in mind you may find that you stumble across a few in the grocery store parking lot.

A Rock Garden Is Easy To Build

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

Although a rock garden is frequently built in garden areas specifically chosen for the purpose, it can also be constructed on any area of ground you have no other use for. The only requirement is good drainage since rock and mountain-growing plants do not grow well in water-bound soil.

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