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On a cool autumn evening, there is not much more relaxing than sitting outside on your deck or patio. In fact, many people prefer to relax on their patio that in their living rooms!

With the wide variety of patio furniture out there these days, it’s no wonder people are more comfortable outside than ever.

If you are planning on building a deck or patio, be sure to check out our tutorials first. You will pick up several time consuming and headache saving ideas.

Patios & Decks Articles

Sealing Your Deck

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

One of the most common questions for those who have decks attached to their homes is whether they should paint or stain the deck. There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when you make this decision. In this article, we will discuss these and help you understand what works best for different situations.

Deck Materials - Wood or Composite

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

Building a deck is a great project for spring, which will be here before you know it. If you are considering this sort of undertaking for your next major home improvement project I’m sure you are weighing the decisions of whether or not to use wood vs. composite decking material. The fact of the matter is that each has both advantages and disadvantages.

Your Deck - Paint or Stain

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

When it comes to the question of whether you should paint or stain your wood deck the answer almost always comes down to a matter of choice and preference. You as the homeowner will find that you must make many difficult decisions along the way when either building your house from the ground up or making improvements a little along the way.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

If you are looking for outdoor patio furniture ideas there are plenty from which to choose. You can find patio furniture in all kinds of materials and to suit many different styles and tastes. The most important thing to consider when selecting you patio furniture is finding furniture that you will actually use. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the furniture looks or how well it fits with your overall theme in the grand scheme of things. If it is never used it is a waste of money.

Patio Furniture For Your Outdoor Living

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

Patio furniture can enhance any patio, backyard or garden. It would be a bit silly spending the time and money on building a great patio and leaving it bare – undressed! You have to get some patio furniture, so what should you get? What should you priorities be?

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