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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 02nd February 2012

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For many amateur gardeners there is a huge question mark when things such as the proper mulch or fertilizer come to mind. How do you choose the right mulch for your flowerbed or any other landscaping project you may have in mind and why do you need mulch in the first place? To make things really simple, I will answer the second question first. We need mulch in order to assist in endeavors to conserve soil, use less water, protect your delicate landscaping during winter months, keep plant roots cooler during the summer months, eliminate or at the very least deter weeds, minimize erosion, and countless other things. In other words, you need mulch to help you garden grow.

Mulches are also an excellent way to minimize the amount of lawn that you must actually mow believe it or not. By establishing a ring of mulch around trees, plants, and other landscaping features you are also establishing a barrier for weeds while protecting delicate roots from the damage that lawn more blades can cause to tree trunks and roots along the surface.

When it comes to the task of choosing the right mulch for your flowerbed you should first consider why you want mulch in the first place. There are many reasons people opt to use mulch in flowerbeds and such. Not all of these reasons center around enriching the soil. Ask yourself what your specific mulching needs are and buy the mulch that will best suit your needs.

If you are looking for mulch that is merely decorative thee are many from which to choose. Among those you will find mulches made of bark chips, wood chips, pine needles, and other materials that look quite lovely in a flower bed while adding very little to the soil by way of nutrients. You can also find decorative mulches in the form or rocks and gravel. These types of mulches are ideal in settings where water, or a lack thereof, is a real issue when it comes to landscaping.

Mulches that are beneficial when it comes to gardening are more organic in nature and will decompose rather rapidly enriching the soil as this occurs. Choosing the right mulch for your flowerbed doesn’t really take a degree in rocket science simply an accounting of your goals for your flowerbed and the overall look or atmosphere you are hoping to achieve.

Keep in mind that all organic mulched will eventually decompose and be absorbed into the very ground they cover. This is a mark in the plus column, as they will add much needed nutrients to that soil as well. One thing to remember is that some materials decompose much more quickly than others. Those are the mulches that will be more immediately beneficial to you for the purpose of enriching your soil. Even those slow movers I mentioned above however have value and add a certain type of beauty to your landscaping project. Keep in mind also that sometimes, especially when it comes to mulch, less really is so much more. Mulch needs to be applied at the same depth across the board in order to be effective rather than in mounds as you see in some landscaping projects. Be sure, whatever you do, that you choose mulch based on the needs of your flowerbed and the specific flowers you’ll be growing rather than what your brother, cousin, or great uncle twice removed advises you (unless of course they happen to be gardening experts).

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