How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 02nd February 2012

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When it comes to watering the lawn, the truth is that many of us aren’t really all that certain how often or even what time of day is really best for watering our lawns. Unfortunately there is no answer that will fit all lawns in all locations. The answer to this question is not only regionally different but also different according to the grass you choose and the overall condition of the soil that is providing nourishment (important nutrients and minerals) for your grass.

You should keep in mind however that over watering your lawn is equally as damaging as not providing enough water. Adding too much water to your lawn will actually wash away important nutrients while removing oxygen from the soil. The removal of oxygen lends itself to shallow roots, which promotes the invasion of weeds. I think stressing the risks of too much water should be considered before watering your lawn or setting up automatic sprinkler systems.

The best time of day to water your lawn is the early morning. This is the time when your lawn will ‘drink’ up the most water. It is also a time when a little water will go a much longer way, as evaporation is minimal at these early hours. You should also take great care to insure that the water is evenly distributed across your lawn. Watering at night may promote the growth of disease because the water simply sits on the lawn all night rather than being absorbed and used. Watering your lawn during the middle of the day in some areas my simply deep-fry your green grass rather than leaving it lush and green. The exact opposite of what I am fairly certain you are hoping for.

When trying to determine how often you should water your lawn there are many things that play a vital role in that decision. The weather is the most obvious of all determining factors. The hotter and dryer the weather the more often you will need to water. Now there are many areas that are hot and humid and these areas will not require nearly as much water as desert climates. The proper amount of water is more often than not a lot of common sense combined with a little bit of intuition. You will not need to water as much when the weather is cooler and the rainy seasons often provide a fair amount of natural water that will eliminate the need for adding water on a regular basis.

The best advice that can be given when it comes to how often you should water your lawn is to check the lawn itself. If the lawn is dry and in need of water it will not necessarily die but will take on a bluish tint that will be the first indicator. Once this happens you should take a little more care with the watering process and water a little more often. Other than that keep an eye on your grass for indicators of when you’ll need water and the weather channel for when the water may arrive through natural processes and water accordingly.

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