What Should You Pay For Lawncare?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

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If you are looking for the average cost of lawn care services you should probably first realize that they vary greatly from area to area and market to market. One thing that can be said about this particular type of service is that while many service oriented jobs and such have quadrupled in expense over the last decade or so, the average costs of lawn care services are only about double what they were in the 1970’s in most areas of the country.

While this isn’t such wonderful news for those in the business of servicing lawns and gardens it is most definitely excellent news for those considering the use of this particular sort of service. It is also important that you remember to shop around and find a lawn care service that not only offers a really good price but also offers the most valuable level of service for your lawn and garden needs. Just as all lawns are not created equal, not all lawn care services are created equally either.

If you are looking for the very barest of basic services, the average cost of lawn care services in Small Town, USA should run somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 per week, which puts you anywhere from between $120-150 per month. Not really bad when you consider that other services cost considerably more than this each and every week and most of us could easily axe a daily run to Starbuck’s in order to make up for this particular expense.

Of course, me being me, I like to look at everything from the point of view of personal value. Most basic services include moving, edging, equipment provided as well as fuel, trimming the lawn, and general removal of debris (limbs and such) though you should check with the provider you are considering before you hire them to be certain. I certainly would not pay more than $30 per week for less.

You can also hire most lawn care services for additional duties (for an extra fee of course) if you wish to have more substantial lawn care services than the basic packages offer. Many people prefer to tend their own flower gardens as long as they are able but find that as time begins to take its toll they still love their flowers and wish their lawn care services to tend to that for them as well. Discuss options and add ons when you are in the interviewing process with your potential lawn care service providers.

Keep in mind that the average costs in smaller towns around the country may be more or less than big cities depending on a great many things. Some considerations for cost include the size of the lawn being cared for as well as the amount of care required. Most big city lots will be considerably smaller requiring less labor (this is generally made up for by the fact that labor tends to be more expensive in larger cities as well so it really is a toss up). However, larger lots tend to carry a steeper price tag, understandably, no matter where they are located. While there is no set in stone average cost of lawn care services in the U. S. $30 a week is a good starting point to consider and you can get a better idea by shopping around locally for your specific area.

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