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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

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A garden utility cart is a great way to keep all of your gardening tools organized and easy to access. Garden utility carts come in many sizes. You can choose one to fit your individual gardening needs. Choose one that is easy to maneuver and allows you to organize your gardening tools the way you want them.

A very popular type of garden utility cart looks like a wagon. It comes with a very sturdy handle and four powerful wheels to allow the cart to be pulled across all terrains with ease. Most models come with an extra shelf on the bottom to haul fertilizer or other large items. This type of garden utility cart doesn’t have any organizational shelving or compartments. However, you can purchase a gardening tool caddy that fits neatly into it.

Other models of garden utility carts resemble an upright shopping cart, similar to what maids use in smaller hotels for their cleaning supplies. This model has two large wheels and a small handle. To move the cart easily, tilt it back towards you. There are slats in the top where you can place gardening tools. They are designed to keep your tools in place. However, this set up could hinder your vision around the garden utility cart if you have tall gardening tools including racks and hoes in it. The rest of the cart is a deep wire basket to place your other items in. While this type of garden utility cart holds a great deal of supplies, it does not have the best set up when it comes to getting to your supplies quickly and easily.

The garden dolly cart is a great tool for carrying large items to and from your garden. It can be used as a standard dolly or converted into a wheelbarrow. This tool is great for getting large bags of fertilizer to your garden, transporting plants, and moving soil.

The best type of garden utility cart to consider if you do a lot of gardening is a convertible cart. These easily change from one design to another. It can be used as a standard flat cart with two very large wheels similar to those found on the back of a wheelchair. The wide handle makes it very easy to maneuver. The handle flips upright for a garden tool cart that is tall and deep. You can also convert it into a wheelbarrow type of cart. This is a very versatile item to meet all of your gardening needs.

Using a garden utility cart can make organizing and getting to your gardening tools easy, giving you more time to focus on the actual gardening than hunting down your equipment. There are many types available, so you should be able to find one that suits your individual needs. They can be a great tool for getting heavier items such as fertilizer to your garden area. Make sure you wheel the utility cart around the store prior to purchasing as you want to see how well it steers and turns. Garden utility carts can be found at most stores that carry garden tools as well as many home improvement stores.

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