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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

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Garden tractors, commonly known as riding lawn mowers, are a great tool for keeping your yard looking great. They are very easy to use. Individuals with health issues find this to be a very easy way to keep their yard up without exerting themselves. Garden tractors come in a variety of sizes and offer many great features to choose from. The size you want depends on the size of your yard. As for the features, most help make the job even easier. Garden tractors take up quite a bit of space, so make sure you have the storage area for it.

You will want to purchase a garden tractor that has a blade of at least 38 inches. A 42 inch blade is the best choice. The larger the blade, the larger area can be cut at one time, reducing the overall amount of time you will spend on yard work. However, if you have many large trees or other items in your yard to mow around, you may have to go with a smaller blade or your tractor will be too wide to get into those areas. This will require you to mow those areas with a lawn mower.

Garden tractors can be purchased with the engine either in the front or in the back. Rear engines all you to see the area you are moving easier, but front engines offer you more power. Both work well, but if your grass grows think, you will want to go for the front engine to help cut it will ease. Try out the controls on a garden tractor before purchasing. Make sure it is easy to steer. Adjusting the seat and steering wheel should be simple. Since you will be using the garden tractor considerably, leg room should be sufficient for you to ride in comfort.

While garden tractors are easy to maneuver, they can be tricky to operate. There are several options you can choose from to make operating your garden tractor run smoothly for you. It depends on what your preference is. There are several speed controls. A very popular model comes with a gear lever and a clutch-brake combination. For those of you who prefer not to hassle with a clutch, consider either the foot pedal controls or the hydrostatic drive.

Most garden tractors give you the option of bagging, mulching, and tossing the clippings. You can easily switch between these options to meet your needs. If you want the clippings to be bagged, make sure you choose a model that has a bag capable of holding a large amount. You will also want the bag to be easy to remove and install to the garden tractor.

Garden tractors aren’t cheap, but well worth the investment. You will pay between $1,500 and $3,000 depending on the model you purchase. To ensure your garden tractor continues to operate properly for you, purchase one that has an excellent warranty. Take the time to compare garden tractors including what they offer, the cost, and the warranty. This will help you make a well informed decision.

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