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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 07th February 2012

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A quality garden pruner will make the work easier and less time consuming. This gardening tool is very similar to a large pair of scissors. It is used to trim and prune woody stems, especially on roses. Handy pruners are available in three varieties – the bypass, anvil, and ratchet. They all work well for different types of trimming and pruning. The one you choose to use will depend on what you use it for as well as your own personal pruner preference.

Bypass pruners are the most popular ones used by gardeners. This type of pruner has two circular blades similar to a pair of scissors. One of the blades is very sharp and the other is dull. The result is a very nice and clean cut each time.

Anvil pruners have only one blade. It closes down on a flat edge. The anvil pruner works similar to a knife slicing something on a cutting board. This type of pruner is an excellent choice if you have to remove dead items from your garden. However, they are bulky so it can be difficult to get them into tight spaces.

Ratchet pruners are very similar to the anvil, but they have an added feature that allows the cutting to be done in stages. This is a great way to add leverage for making those difficult cuts. Many people with weak hands find the ratchet pruner to be exactly what they need to get the job done.

Pruners range in cost from $10 to $75 depending on the style and brand you use. If you do a lot of gardening, it is a good investment to purchase a pair that is specified as heavy duty or for professional use. Look for pruners that are made from high quality tempered carbon steel. This will ensure long lasting results. It is also a good idea to purchase a pruner that has replaceable parts for quick repairs. The added money you spend on the pruner will save you time and effort when it comes to maintaining your garden.

For those individuals with joint problems such as arthritis or carpal tunnel, consider using a pruner that has a cushioned handle to ease the amount of pressure on your hands. There are also pruner models available for left handed individuals. You may have to purchase them online though as you won’t find a large selection of them in most gardening areas.

Garden pruners are considered to be a valuable tool to most gardeners. They make the process of maintaining your garden easier and faster. It is important to try many types of garden pruners in the store before purchasing them to see how they feel in your hand. Squeeze them several times to get a feel for them. If they pruner feels heavy, don’t buy them as you will not be comfortable using them over and over again. The perfect pair of garden pruners should rest comfortably in your hand, cut efficiently, and be light enough for you to use them over and over again.

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