Landscaping Tools & Materials

Regardless of the scale of any landscaping venture, there are some landscape supplies that you can’t do without. Tools that will help make the landscape process easier and prevent you from damaging your plants.

Landscape tools are important for nearly every aspect of landscape improvement. Some examples include shovels, rakes, clippers and pruners, hammers, wheelbarrows, gloves, and safety glasses. Having the right tool for the right job is half the battle when you take on projects.

The articles below will talk you through some of the most common tools you might need.

Landscaping Tools & Materials Articles

Garden Pruner

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 07th February 2012

A quality garden pruner will make the work easier and less time consuming. This gardening tool is very similar to a large pair of scissors. It is used to trim and prune woody stems, especially on roses. Handy pruners are available in three varieties – the bypass, anvil, and ratchet. They all work well for different types of trimming and pruning. The one you choose to use will depend on what you use it for as well as your own personal pruner preference.

Landscape Design Software

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

Deciding how to layout your landscaping can be quite challenging. There are many decisions to make, and it can be stressful waiting for it to all come together. With the help of landscaping design software, you can see exactly how your finished project will look. This is a great tool for making chances to your plan without actually having to do the work before hand.

Garden Utility Cart

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

A garden utility cart is a great way to keep all of your gardening tools organized and easy to access. Garden utility carts come in many sizes. You can choose one to fit your individual gardening needs. Choose one that is easy to maneuver and allows you to organize your gardening tools the way you want them.

Garden Tractors

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

Garden tractors, commonly known as riding lawn mowers, are a great tool for keeping your yard looking great. They are very easy to use. Individuals with health issues find this to be a very easy way to keep their yard up without exerting themselves. Garden tractors come in a variety of sizes and offer many great features to choose from. The size you want depends on the size of your yard. As for the features, most help make the job even easier. Garden tractors take up quite a bit of space, so make sure you have the storage area for it.

Eight Landscaping Tools You Should Always Have

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 26th January 2012

In order to keep your beautifully landscaped yard in tip top condition, there are several must have tools to maintain your yards beauty. Not only will this make maintenance easier, it also helps to keep from damaging your plants that you so carefully picked and added to your landscaping.

Landscaping Materials

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

Taking the time to landscape your home will be an investment of your time and money that you can be very proud of. The landscaping of a home is something most everyone coming to your home will see as well as those just walking by. Enjoying your landscaping can bring a breath of fresh air to your day when you arrive home. It can also serve as a great place to entertain guests.

Garden Shed

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 05th January 2012

A garden shed is a great place to store all of your gardening tools and supplies. This type of shed is generally small constructed of wood or aluminum. You can purchase ready made garden sheds to place in your yard or purchase a kit to build your own. Garden shed can be very basic or unique to the individual. I have seen some that look like a miniature cabin. This type of garden shed adds a very rustic look to your landscaping.

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