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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

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There are many great landscaping companies available to work with who will help you create the landscape you have always dreamed of for your home. If you are lucky enough to know someone in the business you trust to complete the work for you, then you have an advantage. There are many things to consider before selecting a landscaping company to work with.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the work of the landscaping company. Most will ask individuals they have worked for if they can place a small advertisement in their yard letting others know the work was completed by them. Drive around your area and look for such signs. Take notes of what you like and don’t like about other landscaping jobs you observe.

If you have an idea of what you want, it is important to convey that to the landscape company you are going to work with. They may explain to you why something won’t work well or offer suggestions to improve the plan. However, if you feel the landscaping company isn’t paying attention to your needs and desires, then don’t work with them. You will likely end up resenting the final results of the project.

It is important to look at the credentials of a landscaping company. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Be weary of businesses with names that are unknown as this may be a scam to get your money. Such operations are too common these days, and you can find yourself on the losing end if you aren’t careful. Work with established landscaping companies who have a great reputation for customer service as well. You want to be able to contact them if you experience any issues once the project has been completed.

Since protecting the environment is the responsibility of all of us, consider choosing from the landscaping companies who offer organic options. It is important to know what kinds of fertilizer they use as well as if the landscaping company uses any types of pesticides. The landscaping company should be willing to answer all of your questions relating to the environment. Be cautious of landscaping companies who won’t provide you with such information.

Once you and the landscaping company have decided on the layout and the price, you are ready to commit to a contract for the work. Make sure you understand all the details of the contract. Ensure there will not be any additional costs above what is outlined in the contract. It is common for contracts to have estimates rather than exact amounts, but you want to watch that final number very closely. There shouldn’t be too many areas of the contract where the price will vary.

It is important that your contract with the landscaping company outlines customer services issues. You want to know the course of action to take if you are not satisfied with the work. Make sure the project has a completion date deadline. Most landscaping companies will provide you one that has a week or two leeway. This is not uncommon. There are many ways to schedule payment for such landscaping work. Some landscaping companies require a percentage up front with the balance due upon completion. Others ask for a portion of payment as each section of the project is completed. You should be able to work out arrangements that work well for both you and the landscaping company. Be very careful about paying in full up front before any work has been completed.

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