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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 02nd February 2012

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Most people do not give the landscape design of their garden as much thought as the interior design of their home. Why? Don’t you think that if you have taken the time to coordinate the décor of your house to look good to your visitors and relatives, that doing the same for your garden or backyard is just as important? Your home is more that just the house you live in. Your home includes your garden and if you landscape design your garden, you not only add value, but improve the environment you and your family live in. And don’t forget the jealous neighbors!!

First impressions count, or so they say, and the first part of your home that your visitors see is your garden. Good landscape design can make a lasting impression. The freedom of expression your garden offers allows you to put your own creative ideas into practice for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. Nothing looks as attractive as a beautifully designed and maintained garden, and it is so easy to make changes to the living canvas of your own garden. You can adjust to the seasons – how often have you seen blooming summer gardens looking dreary and sad in winter?

Don’t let your garden look sad. Keep it happy! There are so many possibilities in landscape design that you can let your imagination run riot. You can choose your own colors; have trellises, hedges and shrubbery. Water features are extremely popular with an unlimited range of designs, and even the smallest of gardens can now be made to look extremely attractive with a small pool, fountain or even a river with its continually recycling water.

A small water run of 18 feet into a small 4 foot pool looks so attractive and attracts the wildlife you love to see in your garden. All it takes is some piping, a bit of plastic sheeting and an inexpensive water pump! Just imagine it – all for a few dollars and a weekend of work! Stick a few plants round it and you will be the envy of the neighborhood.

You can achieve what you want with your own garden or backyard with even just a little landscaping. You can turn it into what you want it to be. In fact stop thinking ‘backyard’ and think ‘garden’. There is a world of difference. Landscape design can turn a garden from a weed ridden junkyard to a beautiful dining area, a place to relax and unwind with the sounds of nature around you, a pool to lounge by or a source of sweet-smelling fresh flowers just ready to cut for that fantastic table feature you have just designed for your dinner party. Landscape design will transform your house and garden to a home you love and are proud of – indoors and out.

There are many landscape design companies who will do the physical work, leaving you to put the final touches into practice, and it’s much more satisfying if you have designed the whole garden yourself. Others will do the complete job for you, transferring your own landscape design into reality.

So don’t have your house looking beautiful but ignore your garden. Your home is more than just the house you live in. Good landscape design will make help it to look beautiful outside, as well as inside. Be your own landscape designer, then either do it yourself or have it done for you. When anyone looks at your garden in admiration and asks ‘who designed this garden’ you can answer – ‘I DID’!

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