Hiding Modern Marvels

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 02nd February 2012

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The modern world has many conveniences that most of us find absolutely necessary. It really doesn’t matter that these recent necessities were once luxuries reserved only for those living in the right places with the right financial means with which to support them. Today most people in modern America find the notion of living without utilities or central air conditioning simply impossible to consider. The one thing that most of these homeowners has in common though is the fact that the appearance of air conditioning units as well as utility boxes does much to disrupt the beauty and tranquility of our lawn and garden areas.

The good news for the clever landscaper is that there are plenty of ways in which you can disguise these objects that so terribly disrupt the flow and serenity of nature in your outdoor living area. Before you make any real attempts to hide these blemishes to your property you must carefully think and consider the fact that there will be times when these items must be accessed. In other words anything that is used to hide them must not impair your ability to have access to them. There are some common solutions to this problem as well as some creative solutions. All solutions will work well but you must ultimately choose the solution that will work best for you.

I love nature and all things that remind me of nature. Shrubbery is a very common method used for hiding bulky air conditioning units and even many utility boxes. It is a low cost feature that can be walked behind (if landscaped correctly) in order to gain access to the devices or units when needed. There are other natural features you could use to disguise these boxes—not all of which are plant in nature. Stones make excellent landscaping features and large stones can be a great method for hiding smaller blemished (this works better for utility boxes than for air conditioners). The clever gardener and landscaper can come up with all kinds of tricks to use for this purpose but those mentioned above a great start.

Another thing you may wish to consider is building a gated area around those blemishes. Wood is a natural material to use if that is your material of choice (I am very partial to wood and love the way it looks on the exterior of homes). Wooden fences with gates can be built around your visually unappealing landscaping necessities in order not only to hide them for the eyes of the world and visitors alike but also to create a lovely home for any climbing vines you may have. Flowering vines are an excellent choice for this but any vine will work. You can even use latticework rather than a full on wood design if that is what you prefer (I tend to use solid wood at the bottom with a row of latticework surrounding the top).

If these methods for hiding unattractive lawn ornaments aren’t appealing to you but you still wish to hide them, perhaps you should consider some of the ‘ready made’ options at your local garden center. Most of these will be either plastic or wood but will look a good deal better when landscaping than an ugly and unsightly piece of metal.

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