Desert Landscaping For Beginners

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 02nd January 2012

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When it comes to the desert and landscaping in the desert regions there is one word that comes to mind-conservation. Water is the most precious resource in a desert climate. As such many people in the past have missed out on the beauty of landscaping for fear of wasting this oh so precious resource. The good news is that you can have beautiful landscaping and even plenty of color while maximizing your use of water and even conserving this valuable commodity. I know it sounds amazing and to some a little too good to be true but with proper planning this is very possible even for the novice gardener and landscaper.

The first, and perhaps most prudent method of landscaping in desert regions is to choose plants that are native to the area in which you are landscaping. This of course is my first no nonsense step to a nice lush surrounding even in harsh climates. These plants actually have two major benefits. First they are accustomed not only to the dryness of the climate but also the tremendous amount of sunlight they will be receiving almost every single day of the year. Plants from other climates are more accustomed to periods of sun and clouds and in many cases less hours of sunlight within a day.

Second they will not need expensive fertilizers and nutrients in order to obtain their maximum beauty. They are made to grow in desert soil that is not well known for being nutrient rich. Combine these two assets with the fact that these plants know how to survive with minimal amounts of water and they are excellent landscaping choices for desert areas.

Do your homework before deciding on your desert garden landscaping. It is very possible to have a lush green or even bright and colorful garden and landscaping. You really should consult with local experts for the best possible shaping of your landscaping project and even ideas to bring the colors and greenery you like best into your garden while providing the most efficient possible use of water, which is very limited in supply. Use irrigation widely and intelligently so that not one drop of water is wasted through inefficient delivery. Believe it or not, small ponds are ideal and actually quite water efficient in this particular climate.

The biggest challenge when landscaping in desert areas is efficiency. The best way to address this is by grouping plants that need similar amounts of water together. You should also make clever use of either real or engineered slopes in order to provide a runoff area for rain and those plants that need the highest concentration of water. You should also choose trees, bushes, shrubs, plants, and flowers that are hardy and resilient and if not native to the area at the very least native to similar climates. The desert is rough on plants and people alike keep this fact in mind when landscaping and you should be able to come up with a beautiful oasis of your very own.

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