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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 26th June 2014

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This is a great site containing some of the most unique garden products I’ve seen on the web. Here’s how they describe themselves:

“We started Jolly Good Garden for a simple reason, really — we were bored of standard gardening supplies. Our fatigue fuelled a fire that eventually moved us to find solutions that combined nature, technology and design.”

I’ve added a couple of their products below and I recommend you head over to their urban garden product website to see everything they have on offer.

Twist & Spout

Designed by Nicolas Le Moigne of Switzerland, the award-winning Twist & Spout breathes new life into used water bottles by transforming them into watering cans.

It really couldn’t be any easier, you simply screw it on a water bottle and water your plants!

Ergonomic, eco-friendly and lovely looking, too. Twist & Spout is good design in as little design as possible.

Twist & Spout

Parrot Flower Power

The Parrot Flower Power is like a PA to your plants — monitoring criteria vital to growth and alerting you to make necessary adjustments. It’s small, waterproof and can be used to monitor multiple plants in your home. Perfect for plant novices or for those who simply want to take better care of their plants.

Installation is easy — insert an AAA battery into one end and connect with your iOS device.

Designed in collaboration with French, Dutch and American botanists, the dedicated app sends collected data to your smartphone, giving you access to a handy array of references to more than 6,000 plants, trees and vegetables.

Parrot Flower Power

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