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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 06th February 2012

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If you’re like most people today, you have an extremely busy, hectic schedule. You want to have a beautiful yard, but just don’t have the time to devote the maintenance and upkeep that is required to keep your landscaping in that majestic condition. It never fails, something always comes up or you are just too exhausted to even think about it much less do it.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still lust for that beautifully landscaped manicured yard. There are things that can be done to keep your landscaped yard up to the desired look that you have envisioned without much hard work entailed.

For starters, you could plant flowering shrubs or coniferous shrubs. You get the desired look and beauty with these. The pros of planting shrubs are that you do not have to water them all the time; the aromas they emit can be quite pleasant. The types of shrubs and the colors you have to choose from are totally astonishing. It is recommended that you do occasional pruning and fertilization, and that would be pretty much it. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of low maintenance shrubs you can choose from.

Do you enjoy beautiful flowerbeds? You could implement ground cover plants that would cut down on weed development, thus saving you time on having to pull weeds. You could also use any of the wood chips, barks and colored stones to fill in the exposed areas to cut down on weed production. With all the new tall grasses that are on the market today, you could also choose several of them to add to your landscaping.

If you would like to have a lot of flowers growing in your yard, you might want to consider planting plants that are perennials. That means they would come back every year. This would save you from having to go out and shop for new flowers every spring and then take the time to prepare the soil which would include fertilizing, tilling and what ever else would be required for the particular plants that would be incorporated into your scheme.

Some plants that you may want to incorporate in your landscaping project could require daily tending to, but there are steps you can take to save you time there also. You could purchase a self watering, watering system that would alleviate you from having to do that chore on a daily basis. You can also decorate used soda or water bottles and use them for watering your plants also. All you would have to do is pretty them up a little bit, as to not be an eye sore to the viewer. You would then have to punch holes in the bottoms of the bottles so the water can exit at a slow drip. You would then either set them next to ground plants or if you have a lot of planted containers you would set them in the container. With utilizing this type of watering system you would only have to check the bottles to see if they are low on water and if they are you would of course just fill them up. This type of watering system is extremely cost effective if finances are a concern of yours.

Hopefully I have been helpful in trying to give you some ideas on ways to lighten the burden of labor of having beautifully landscaped yard. There are so many tips and short cuts that you can find with just a little research on the internet that you should have no problems finding more ideas on low maintenance landscape ideas. People are always coming up with new and creative ideas all the time. So keep looking for help and that should make your landscaping experience just that much nicer and give you more time to enjoy it.

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