What Does Lime Do For Your Yard?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 07th February 2012

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Our lawns are an important investment for us to make in the way others perceive us and our families. They are the first impressions that many people have of how we live our lives and the care we take of our things. Knowing this should encourage most of us to desire to carefully tend our lawns and gardens. However, not all of us were born blessed with green thumbs and some of us simply lack the education and knowledge of the little things that can be done in order to bring green back to our lawns and gardens. One such secret is lime. In case you are wondering exactly what does lime do for your lawn the answer to that is many things.

When it comes to proper lawn and garden care the cause of problems such as yellow grass, pale grass, or even dead patches in your lawn. You may have tried fertilizing, mowing at different heights, or even mulching and nothing seems to work. You may also have ruled out all the usual suspects such as insects and funguses. When you’ve eliminated the normal culprits and all else has failed, looked beneath the surface for answers and go underground.

Just like your skin, the earth needs balance in order to look young, fresh, and beautiful. The pH balance of earth should be neutral in order for grass to grow lush and green. You can buy kits that will test the acidity of your lawn letting you know whether or not you need to take steps toward adjusting the acidity of your lawn.

The good news is that adding lime to your lawn can repair the damage of time and depleted nutrients or even added nutrients that create a more acidic soil on your property. Read the labeling of your testing kit or consult a professional landscaper for assistance when it comes to the proper amount of lime to add to your landscaping in order to achieve the results you desire. There is no reason to suffer through dead and dieing grass or even to have a lawn that is yellowed or patched.

If your soil is very acidic it is a good idea to use around 40 pounds of lime pellets for every thousand square feet of lawn you wish to work with at least 2 if not 3 times a year. You should also consult with gardening experts at your local supply store or a landscaping contractor for information that is more relevant to your area. There really is no across the board amount of lime to use as this is a situational solution and all situations tend to vary.

The reason one would need lime for your lawn in short would be for the purpose of restoring the beauty and balance that Mother Nature occasionally needs a hand in achieving. Using lime will replace a lawn that was simply put—unhealthy looking and replace it with a lush and green lawn that you are eager to show off to friends, family, and even coworkers.

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