How To Control Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

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If you plan to really enjoy your outdoor living area, chances are that you would greatly prefer to enjoy that space without the hassle of weeds. For those of us who have children and pets however this has traditionally been an uphill battle. We prefer, for the most part, not to use chemicals that can be harmful to our loved ones—human and animal alike. On the other hand, we would like to enjoy weed free living without spending all of our available free time in that pursuit. The good news is that today’s gardener (novice and experienced alike) has choices that haven’t always been readily available in days long past for weed control without the chemicals that can cause so much damage.

Options for home gardens do include hand weeding. If your garden is a labor of love then this practice is one you probably won’t find too terribly burdensome. However, if your garden is something that you would prefer needed less maintenance while also not using chemicals then hand weeding is probably not the best of the available options. There are tools available that will make the hand weeding process a little (emphasis on the word little) less tedious but for the most part this is one of the lesser options when it comes to overall attractiveness.

Another method of non-chemical weed control is fire. This works especially well for weeds growing through cracks in your walkways and is accomplished through the use of a propane torch, a small torch works plenty well in this instance. You only need to scorch the leaves of the weeds in order to achieve your desired results. This will not kill all weeds but is quite effective when it comes to ridding your lawn of newer weeds that tend to crop up all the time.

There are other techniques of course to keep in your arsenal as you wage war on the weeds invading your garden space. While not all tools are created equally, there are some that are quite effective in their own rights. When combined with one another they pose a powerful weed prevention network that will create awesome results for your garden in the coming growing season. First of all, you should always use plenty of organic mulch. You may also want to seriously invest in landscaping fabric. This fabric allows your plants to receive plenty of air and water while preventing weeds from growing and receiving the sunlight they would need in order to do so. It’s well worth the investment and the added time up front for the time it will save later.

Of course there are other things you can do in order to control weeds without harmful chemicals. You should take the time to talk with experts in your area if none of the methods mentioned above are appealing to you. There are several formulas are treatments that can be recommended that will do the job as well as some fertilizers that have weed resistant agents. Study all your options then pick one or a combination of several that seems most appealing to you. Gardening is largely trial and error it doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be, well—perfect.

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