Landscape Maintenance

Use the tips below to help keep your landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. A well presented landscape can create a great impression but maintenance and upkeep is required to keep your landscape in that majestic condition.

Maintenance covers annual plantings, harvesting, periodic weeding and fertilizing, lawn care, pruning, lighting runoff drainage, and irrigation, as well as other jobs that protect and improve the topsoil, plants, and garden accessories.

The articles below cover some of these maintenance techniques as well as some low maintenance landscaping ideas if you’re short on time.

Landscape Maintenance Articles

What Does Lime Do For Your Yard?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 07th February 2012

Our lawns are an important investment for us to make in the way others perceive us and our families. They are the first impressions that many people have of how we live our lives and the care we take of our things. Knowing this should encourage most of us to desire to carefully tend our lawns and gardens. However, not all of us were born blessed with green thumbs and some of us simply lack the education and knowledge of the little things that can be done in order to bring green back to our lawns and gardens. One such secret is lime. In case you are wondering exactly what does lime do for your lawn the answer to that is many things.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 06th February 2012

If you’re like most people today, you have an extremely busy, hectic schedule. You want to have a beautiful yard, but just don’t have the time to devote the maintenance and upkeep that is required to keep your landscaping in that majestic condition. It never fails, something always comes up or you are just too exhausted to even think about it much less do it.

Killing Poison Ivy

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 27th January 2012

I am fairly certain that most of us have either come in contact with poison ivy at some point in our lives or at least seen someone else who has come in contact with this lovely little plant. Most of us are not likely to soon forget our first encounter with this particular plant, as it does tend to leave a rather lasting impression. The amazing thing is that some of us seem to be much more tolerant than others but almost everyone reacts somehow to poison ivy even if it’s only to shudder at the thought. With what we know about poison ivy, I’m sure many of you who may have spotted it on your lawn or in your garden are wondering how on earth to get rid of this nuisance of a plant.

How To Control Weeds Without Harmful Chemicals

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

If you plan to really enjoy your outdoor living area, chances are that you would greatly prefer to enjoy that space without the hassle of weeds. For those of us who have children and pets however this has traditionally been an uphill battle. We prefer, for the most part, not to use chemicals that can be harmful to our loved ones—human and animal alike. On the other hand, we would like to enjoy weed free living without spending all of our available free time in that pursuit. The good news is that today’s gardener (novice and experienced alike) has choices that haven’t always been readily available in days long past for weed control without the chemicals that can cause so much damage.

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