Why Get A Garden Arbor?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 07th February 2012

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If you are wondering why have a garden arbor, you might be surprised to find that there are many reasons that this would be a great addition to your outdoor oasis. The first reason that comes to mind for me is purely aesthetic however these lovely landscaping additions do have practical purposes as well. Depending on your personal tastes and landscaping styles there are plenty of reasons that most people can find for installing a garden arbor on their properties. Hopefully this article will shed some light on a few reasons you may not have already considered.

Garden arches are often considered charming and romantic. They are ideal for rose gardens, particularly if you have climbing roses laced within the latticework of your arbor. They are also great focal points for landscaping while remaining quite versatile in both function and form. A garden arbor can work to partition areas of your garden off. This can give the appearance of ‘rooms’ for your outdoor living space. They make great ‘entrances’ for a hot tub area and can manage to provide some degree of privacy (or at the very least semi privacy) to this area as well.

You can also use arbors to create a landscaping statement. You can have one single arbor as the opening to the gate for your garden or band several together one after another in order to provide a grand entrance for friends, family, and honored guests. Have I mentioned the fact that they are simply romantic? You can place a bench beneath your arbor for a place to cuddle or snuggle with your spouse and they make an excellent backdrop for those beloved Easter photographs, particularly if you have a flowering garden surrounding it.

Arbors on a larger scale can also make excellent coverings for picnic tables, spas, a swing, or a hammock. The truth of the matter is that when you have an arbor in full bloom it looks good on or around almost anything. From a private picnic area to a romantic slice of paradise in your very own backyard there are many ways that a garden arbor can enrich your life as well as your enjoyment of your oasis from the world.

There was a time when less care was taken for the exterior of our homes. Recently, the lawn has once again become a living space for today’s family. We are living much more of our lives out of doors than other times in recent history. It only makes sense to put as much time and care into making that space just as pleasant as we try to make the interiors of our home.

While you will have to formulate your very own reason why you should a garden arbor, there are all the reasons above and more that might help convince you. Ultimately you should get one if you want one. As far as additions and landscaping projects go, you can purchase small kits with everything you will need for a little more than $100. Of course these are the absolute minimum when it comes to these kits. You can much more elaborate kits or you can tackle a do it yourself project on a larger scale. The choice is yours and is only limited by your own desires and imagination.

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