What Is A Hardscape?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 31st January 2012

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If you are researching your next landscaping project you have probably come across the term hardscape at some point in your studies. While this may be a relatively new form of terminology, the idea behind it is hardly anything new or revolutionary. In fact, most landscaping is a combination of plants and hardscaping of some sort. Whether you are using decks, stone patios and walkways, or pavers for our driveways most of us have some sort of hardscape landscaping in our lawn and garden area.

Hardscaping goes well beyond that though in reality. This term can refer to any solid materials you use in landscaping at all. From the borders you use for your boxes to stone paths that line your lawn as well as the rocks and such surrounding your Koi pond (assuming of course that you have one). Even fences, gates, arbors, and gazebos can fall under the title of hardscaping quite accurately.

Despite all the years and many advances in technology concrete remains the most popular choice of material when it comes to hardscaping. There are several reasons that this material is such a popular choice not the least of which is cost. Beyond costs, however, are the facts that this material is durable and able in many cases to stand the tests of time, it is a material that can be sealed in order to prolong its life and beauty, and it is easily formed into many new and amazing shapes. You will find that concrete can be used for many hardscaping projects both big and small and many sizes in between with grace and beauty few other materials could match. This is one of the primary reasons for its continued popularity.

In addition to concrete, stones and bricks are also quite popular when it comes to hardscaping. These materials are each beneficial in their own rights and work to achieve certain looks or ‘atmospheres’ within the scope of your landscaping projects. I’m a sucker for river rock and the old ocean side cottage feel that this can add to landscaping. Others prefer bricks and an Italian countryside feel to their landscaping. Whatever your preference there is hardscaping material that can assist you in accomplishing your landscaping goals.

Wood however, will always remain my personal favorite. There is something about wood that says this place is home and it is comfortable and lived in. You can use anything from old railroad lumber to logs for to encourage a very rustic look with your hardscaping. Wood also allows you the opportunity to use barrels and picnic tables at will with your landscaping and feel absolutely no guilt or remorse for doing so. Wood to me is the most inviting and natural of all landscaping materials and truly creates the feeling of an outdoor oasis.

The important thing to remember when you are planning your landscaping and hardscaping project is that you are the only one that can recognize and implement your vision. Be creative and have fun but remember that you will be the one living in that space so make it truly and uniquely your own.

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