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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 02nd January 2012

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For those who are faced with the daunting task of selling their homes I’m sure the term curb appeal has come up when discussing your home with realtors. The good news is that there are many things you can do to increase curb appeal without breaking the budget. The important thing to remember when budgeting repairs and such is that the curb appeal of your home is the deciding factor in whether or not interested parties will want to step inside. In other words, the exterior of your home is the first impression that buyers have in many cases and they will drive on to the next house on the list if the exterior is not appealing.

Believe it or not, even small changes can do a lot to increase the curb appeal of your home. Below you will find several small things that you can do without spending a lot of money that will make your house much more appealing to buyers.

  1. Clean your gutters. Believe it or not this is one thing that is often neglected and yet can have a serious impact on a potential buyers opinion of your home. If you have gutters in serious need of cleaning and possibly need of minor repairs, the first thing the buyer sees is something he or she would have to fix.
  2. Pressure wash your walkways and driveway as well as dirty siding and any decks you may have as well.
  3. Clean your windows. Your eyes are the windows to your soul and the windows of your home show the heart beating within. It makes a huge impression on buyers and makes them think you’ve taken great care of your home.
  4. Trim trees and bushes that are close to your home. This is yet another task that will simply leave your home looking well tended and cared for. The small things often make the biggest impressions.
  5. Mow your lawn. Even if it is the dead of winter having a nicely mowed lawn looks good to potential buyers.
  6. Rake your leaves. This really is a big deal. A well-raked yard simply looks better than a yard full of leaves. You not only need to rake the leaves you also need to bag them up and get rid of them.
  7. Make sure there is no litter and that all tools and equipment are put away. You do not want to go to all the effort of keeping your yard and landscaping nice and tidy only to loose points with potential buyers by not properly stowing the tools that were required for the job.

It’s also a good idea to install some solar powered lighting in your yard to make your home look welcoming and inviting to those driving by at night as well. You need some lighting in the yard so that they can see the home at night but you do not want to light up the entire neighborhood in the process. These are just a few very inexpensive tasks you can do that will help you increase curb appeal of your home for potential buyers.

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