Adding Color To Your Landscape

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

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If you are looking for great ways of adding color to your landscaping then look no further than your local lawn and garden center. You should be able to find many wonderful flowers to add that special little pop of color no matter what your landscaping situation. The first step you need to take however is actually testing the soil in the areas around your home and garden in which you plan to plant. By doing this you will know if you need to make plans to add nutrients and minerals to enrich your soil or seek alternatives such as well placed and carefully selected raised beds or planters as homes for your new plants and flowers.

It always helps if you have a plan in mind when landscaping. This will enable you to group appropriate groups of plants and flowers together for maximum efficiency within your landscaping and minimal waste of precious natural resources and labor. A good plan is something that is often overlooked and under appreciated but very important in the grand scheme of things. Talk with landscaping or gardening experts to find out the best potential layout for your landscaping and placement of your plants and flowers.

I hope this article will serve as a great source of help when it comes to adding color to your landscaping. For early spring I’m such a sucker for tulips and the many brightly colored bulb flowers that sprout up for a short while each season. These flowers are beautiful to watch and bring a little bit of pizzazz to even the most mundane landscaping endeavor.

Another thing you can do is plant small trees that have a little touch of color. Some prefer flowering trees such as crepe myrtle, cherry trees, Japanese dogwood trees, or magnolia trees in order to have a little shade and some color at different times throughout the year. These trees generally make a lovely addition to landscaping and bring some nice colors with them as well. A Japanese red maple tree is also a great addition to your landscaping. This may not be a flowering tree but it does bring color to your landscaping in a rather unique way.

Another often neglected way of adding color to your landscaping is by planting trees and shrubs in a manner that invites fine feathered friends to enjoy your private oasis from the world as well. Believe it or not this can add a lot of color not only by the flowering shrubs and bushes you plant but also the visits from your feathered friends. You may also consider adding a Koi pond, birdbath, or fountain of some sort in addition to some nice bird feeders to complete the bird friendly atmosphere.

There are so many ways that you can bring color to your landscaping. Some of them are a simple as adding brightly colored wind or son catchers and others by adding flowers and trees that bring color of their own throughout the year. You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to this task and should always work to continue adding value and enjoyment to your landscaping.

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