Landscape irrigation ensures that water is spread evenly throughout your lawn, gardens or landscape. Irrigation systems will distribute the right amount of water, which is essential to lawn care.

The right system will depend on a number of factors such as climate, size of lawn, geographical location and underground utilities. It will also depend on the different types of plant life and grass involved.

There are only four basic types of irrigation systems. These include drip systems, mobile systems, overhead systems, and underground lawn irrigation systems.

In this irrigation section of landscaping ideas online, you will find everything you need to know about irrigation.

Irrigation Articles

What is Xeriscape?

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 23rd January 2012

If you live in a drier climate you may have heard the term xeriscape rather than landscape and have wondered exactly what that means. This is actually a very relevant type of landscaping for desert climates in which drought friendly measures are used in the process of landscaping. Literally the word is a combination of the Greek word for dry xeros and the word landscape. It refers to a type of gardening or landscaping that doesn’t require additional irrigation in order to maintain. This is great for desert regions and certain areas that do not get as much rain as other areas in the country or have little access to fresh supplies of water. Drought tolerant landscaping and smart scaping are other terms used in lieu of xeriscaping.

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