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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 28th January 2012

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Adding garden gnomes to your landscaping will bring many smiles to those who view them. These cute gnomes are very popular and are said to bring good luck to the owner. Legend has it that these gnomes protect the nutrients of the earth. Garden gnomes range in size from 8 to 24 inches tall. They are very detailed and made out of concrete and clay. Gnomes are made to resemble most every ethnic culture including American, Hispanic, and Chinese. Garden gnomes where introduced in 1872 to the German culture. The expressions on gnomes give the indication of charm and humor.

In the early days, gnomes were passed down from one generation to another. They symbolized the culture of the family. The mass production of the garden gnome in the 1960’s brought an end to that family tradition in most cultures. There are a rare few who continue to pass them on, with some being over 200 years old. It is estimated that over 25 million garden gnomes can be found world wide.

Some gnome lovers have become upset with how some gardens portray the gnome in ways they feel are inappropriate. There are garden gnomes bent over with their butt showing and other grotesque gnome designs that mock the pure innocence and fun of the garden gnome. Gnomes are not loved by everyone. The Chelsea Garden Show in the United Kingdom bans them from being part of any flower arrangement, claiming they are too distracting.

Many garden gnome owners have been saddened to discover their beloved gnome has been taken by someone in the night. It is not known if such garden gnomes are taken for personal use or as a prankish game by youngsters looking to have fun. While this may be amusing to some, there are many individuals who take their missing gnomes to heart. The Gnomes without Homes website is dedicated to missing garden gnomes.

Garden gnomes add a refreshing look of lightness and comfort to your garden. These cute displays are well detailed and stand up against the elements. Garden gnomes can be customized to fit the individual. There are golfing gnomes, fishing gnomes, and even the Beatle gnomes. You will have no problem finding several that fit your personality and hobbies.

If you have a garden gnome, consider passing it on to your children or grandchildren when you are done gardening. This would be a great way to rejuvenate the interest in keeping garden gnomes in the family for years. Garden gnomes can be purchased at ceramic specialty stores and some home improvement stores near the garden center. You can also purchase them from quality online websites. Kimmel Gnomes is a well respected company that manufactures only quality garden gnomes made out of clay.

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