Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments can add class to your garden or lawn. Some common ornaments include bird baths and feeders, fountains, sculptures, pots, statues, sundials, the list goes on.

Statues can range from small replicas of little animals to huge, life-size statues of people. Fountains are a great way to add motion to a landscape, as water is typically continuously pumped out. They can range from small bird baths to large elegant fountains

In this garden ornament section of landscaping ideas online, you will find everything you need to know about garden ornaments.

Garden Ornaments Articles

Garden Gnomes

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 28th January 2012

Adding garden gnomes to your landscaping will bring many smiles to those who view them. These cute gnomes are very popular and are said to bring good luck to the owner. Legend has it that these gnomes protect the nutrients of the earth. Garden gnomes range in size from 8 to 24 inches tall. They are very detailed and made out of concrete and clay. Gnomes are made to resemble most every ethnic culture including American, Hispanic, and Chinese. Garden gnomes where introduced in 1872 to the German culture. The expressions on gnomes give the indication of charm and humor.

Garden Statues

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd January 2012

If you are looking for the ideal item to add to your garden, a statue might be just what you have been searching for. They add beauty to any garden. There are many types of garden statues to choose from. You can find one to match most garden themes as well as very unique ones that appeal to you.

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