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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 05th January 2012

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Teak garden furniture is created from a dense and course hardwood, offering you a wonderful selection of amazing pieces to accent your garden. Most teak garden furniture has a classic look that is appealing yet doesn’t take away from the rest of your landscaping design. You will find teak furniture holds up to the elements including strong winds and moisture. The wood used to make teak furniture contains high amounts of resinous oil. This oil not only protects the furniture, but serves as an insect repellent as well. The furniture is very comfortable, allowing you to relax in your garden area for hours.

The appeal of teak garden furniture is timeless. You will be impressed at the quality of each piece as well as the compliments you get on the pieces you acquire. Teak furniture never has to be sealed or treated. It can be left outdoors year round without damage occurring from rotting, warping, or water damage. Over time, the teak furniture will turn a silver-gray color. If you desire, wash your teak garden furniture with mild soap and plain water to remove dust and debris. The selection of teak furniture offers you many options. Choose from complete sets, swings, benches, and trellises. Teak table and chair sets are very popular.

While teak furniture is more expensive that other garden furniture you can purchase, it is well worth the investment. The beauty of the furniture is a great selling point, but customers value you it because the line of furniture requires very little maintenance and holds up to the elements. Teak garden furniture will more than pay for itself over the life of it. To purchase teak furniture, you will need to search the internet for a specialty store in your area or purchase it only. Most manufacturers of teak garden furniture offer excellent warranties on the furniture you purchase.

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