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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

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If you are looking for a fantastic addition to your lawn or garden landscaping perhaps Koi ponds are something you might be interested in considering. These fantastic ponds make a great addition to your outdoor living space while providing a sense of peace and tranquility, an oasis of sorts in this world that can be rather hectic and chaotic at times.

Even if you haven’t considered the benefits that Koi ponds could add to your enjoyment of your outdoor living area in the past, perhaps this article will help convince you of the value it can add, particularly if you plan to spend a great amount of time outdoors. There are a few considerations you need to keep in mind however when planning a Koi pond for your next landscaping project.

Benefits of Koi Ponds

Believe it or not, Americans in general spend a large amount of time running to and fro, which often makes relaxation a far too distant memory. Koi ponds by nature are relaxing to look at and enjoy. They are a great way to bring nature to your outdoor sanctuary without feeling over burdened by the natural surroundings. Koi fish are also rather relaxing to watch and enjoy whether you realize it at the time or not.

Another great benefit of Koi ponds is the very fact that they are a rather stress free way of having and housing pets that the family can enjoy. While Koi are not entirely maintenance free, they are much easier to maintain and care for than a puppy or kitten would be over time. Most of the costs involved in caring for Koi is also an upfront cost while you will continue to need to spend a great deal of money caring for other types of pets over time.

Finally, Koi ponds offer a certain aesthetic appeal to your lawn or garden oasis that will raise the value of your home not only when it comes time to sell but while you are living in and enjoying your home as well. So many people think of improvements only along the lines of how they will affect the bottom line when it comes time to sell their homes and forget to make improvements that will increase their enjoyment of the space while they are living in it.

Things you need to know about Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are not a light decision to make. You need to make sure that you live in an area where they are practical additions to your landscaping or at the very least make accommodations for those months when this may not be the case. Temperature is a very important consideration when it comes to creating a Koi pond for your next landscaping project. These are only practical year round in areas where the seasons are rather mild and there is absolutely no risk of freezing. This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a Koi pond or having Koi fish as pets in colder climates only that you need to consider this and make arrangements indoors or install heaters for those colder months.

Another consideration is location. The water in Koi ponds needs to be filtered. This means you need to plan for your pond to be located near a power source in order to power the filter. These ponds should also be a little larger in size than you may realize in order to provide a fitting habitat for the great fish you will be housing. Other things you should consider are the following: children in your area that may harm your fish either accidentally or harm themselves by falling into your pond (it is best if you can gate the area in order to avoid these types of problems), predators in the area (some birds love fish, your Koi pond is an investment as are your Koi, make sure they are protected), and the need to keep the water moving (still water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes among other things and should be avoided in order to protect you and your family for West Nile as much as possible).

Koi ponds can provide years and years of enjoyment for you and your family and are rather low maintenance and low cost once the initial investments have been made. I hope you will take the time to learn more about these great landscaping additions and how they can improve your standard of outdoor living.

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