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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

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Garden ponds add beauty and appeal to your garden. They are very easy to install. Most garden ponds last for a very long time. They are simple to take care of and are inexpensive to purchase. There are many shapes and sizes of garden ponds to choose from to fit your garden space and design. You can choose to add fish to your garden pond or simply run water through it.

To add a garden pond, you will have the option of building one or purchasing a mold that is already made. To build your own, you will have to decide how big you want the pond to be. Clear out the area by removing the dirt, branches, twigs, and debris. It is very important that you build your pond on a flat surface of best results. Once you hole is ready, line it with old blankets, old carpet, sand, or bubble wrap. This is to ensure your pond garden pond will be safe if you get a hole in the lining down the road.

You can purchase a garden pond liner or use an old swimming pool liner. Some individuals even use shower curtains to line their garden pond. Once you have selected your liner material, paint it with black waterproof paint. If you choose to add fish to your garden pond, it is important that you understand how many can survive in that space as well as how to treat the water. There are chlorine treatments to add to the water that won’t harm the fish but will keep your water clean.

Your garden pond will last much longer if you care for it properly. Falling leaves from the trees need to be removed from the pond. They will decay in the water if you allow them to stay in there. Some individuals find this to be a never ending process, so they purchase or make a cover for their pond to use in the fall. It is important to keep sludge out of your pond, especially in the winter months.

The fish in your garden pond need to be feed regularly. However, most people don’t realize that fish need to eat less in the winter time as their metabolism slows down. The food that remains in the water can lead to a build up of bacteria. If your region experiences extreme cold in the winter, you may want to consider purchasing a garden pond heating system.

Installing a garden pond adds beauty and tranquility to your garden area. It is important to understand that a garden pond requires continual maintenance throughout the year to function properly. The maintenance regiment that you want to follow depends on the size of your pond, region you live in, and if you have fish residing in the pond. There are many wonderful books that can help you find out what you need to do to care for your particular garden pond. The internet provides great information on this subject as well.

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