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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

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Roses are a beautiful flower. They add beauty and class to your home landscaping. Roses come in many colors including the infamous red, canary yellow, and white. Creating a rose garden is hard work, but well worth it when you see those gorgeous flowers in bloom. The location of your rose garden will determine how well the roses grow. You want to select an area where the roses can get at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. You also want to pick a site that has good drainage. If the ground is constantly damp it will affect the growth of the roses.

To prepare the soil for planting, tilling is the best processing. This can be a difficult feat in some areas, but you will definitely get better growth than if you don’t till the soil prior to planting your roses. The ideal soil should crumble when you make a fist with your hand around it. To add nutrients to the soil, purchase a quality soil that contains peat moss or humus. This can be found at most retail stores and at plant nurseries.

There are three types of roses that grow easiest. The Hybrid Tea creates beautiful single blooms that come to life throughout the season. This is the type of rose most of us are accustomed to, as the Hybrid Tea is where we get the red long stemmed rose from. The Grandiflora blooms with amazing clusters of beautiful roses that will take your breath away. Floribunda roses create very small roses throughout the season. All three grow to be over eight feet tall.

You will want to plant your roses about three feet apart. This gives them plenty of room to blossom. You will want to dig the hole for each one about a foot deep. Place the rose bushes into the hole and cover loosely with dirt. Add enough water to saturate the root. Make sure to water your roses often. Insects love roses, so you will want to consider using a safe pesticide on them.

Roses can suffer greatly from the winter weather. The extreme temperature changes weaken the roots, causing them to break. To protect your roses, increase the soil around the base of the rose stem to about six inches. You can also help protect them by covering the entire plant with plastic trash bags.

Roses are high maintenance flowers. You will need to prune them on a regular basis. Taking the time to remove broken or dead branches and leaves will help your roses continue to bloom as they should. To give your roses the best chance of successfully blooming, purchase quality plants. Make sure to plant them in good soil where they will get plenty of sunlight. Make sure you give your roses lots of attention. This includes proper watering, protection against pests, and pruning. In spite of all the hard work, you will love the results of your rose garden.

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