Great Ideas for Container Gardens and Potted Plant

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

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Growing plants in pots is a great way to beautify your landscape. Not only is it easy and usually very inexpensive it can also be very gratifying to show off your own style and creativity. Ideas for what to plant in containers and pots are limitless and mixing various plants in one pot can create gorgeous potted displays worthy of gracing your front yard or backyard.

The only difficult thing to potting plants is deciding which plants work well together. An easy way to find out which plants will thrive and look great in one pot is to visit your local nursery. The nursery will usually have many pots on display showing off various flowering and non-flowering plants that do well in your climate and grow well together.

Once you have gotten a few ideas for your container garden following these basic guidelines will help you create beautiful container masterpieces.

Find out plant hardiness zones - by finding out which plants work best in your climate it will be easy to take care of your plants.

Color effect and size - decide what your potted plants should represent: 1. Opposite colors from the color wheel will give you a dramatic effect (blues & reds together is an example) 2. Monochromatic colors such as various shades of green, will give a more tranquil and calming effect. 3. After deciding the effect your container plants will give, also pay attention to the structure and size of the plants, this will also create different effects, such as trailing vines, or big flowering plants. 4. Having at least one trailing plant (such as a geranium), one filler plant (like petite roses), and one tall plant (day lilies, or calla lilies) in one pot can create a beautiful designer look.

Placing of potted plants - remember to place your plants where they can easily get the water and sunlight they need and where the effect you wanted for your plants will get noticed. Don’t forget that you can use almost anything as a container for your plant choices, this will increase the drama and effect of your container garden, just remember if you do decide to choose something other than a pot, such as a tin bucket, make sure you make a drainage hole in the bottom of it.

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