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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

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You have enjoyed your flower beds and gardens all summer long. Now the nights are becoming cooler and the days a little shorter each and every day. We know that eventually most good things must come to and end. But, instead of it just ending you could prolong the inevitable. You are not ready to see the colors of fall just yet and all the time and tending you spent on your flowers wither away.

One way you can resolve this issue is to implement plants into your gardens, beds or pots that are of a hardier stock. I will give you some flowering plants that you can choose from, or you could ask you local garden center what they would recommend. There are many, many different kinds of flowers and colors that you can choose from to enhance your fall experience.

One of my favorites is the Day Lily. They come in such a variety of colors and just keep on blooming and blooming. The reasoning for the name of this lily is the fact that, once the bloom opens up it only lasts for one day. Luckily this is a very hardy plant and will bloom late into the season.

My other favorite is wild flowers. What better choice can be made except on made by Mother Nature? She automatically knows what flowers to plant to keep the blooms going all season long. You are guaranteed constant blooms with these types of flowers. There a different kinds of packaged seeds you can buy, for instance, you can buy wild flower seeds specifically that attract butterflies or birds

A few more types of flowers are geraniums, bachelor’s buttons, mums, daisies, marigolds, peonies, moss roses, zinnia and carnations. These are some of the hardiest of flowering plants.

When you go to your local garden center one of the things that help you in picking out the longer lasting plants is the sturdiness of the stem. The thicker and woodier the stem the less resistant they are to cold and frost.

Like you I always dislike when fall is just around the corner and you know that winter is coming and all your plants are going to die. Some of the other things I have done are to create containers with my desired flowers and set them out during the day and then bring them in at night. If you think about it, it really is only a couple of minutes or your time in the morning and night to do this. And the plus is that you still get to enjoy your flowers, colors and smells just a little bit longer.

In late summer your local stores always have supply of potted plants for sale. The most common ones I have seen are the mums. Since the mums are some of the most hardiest of plants, these are an excellent choice for late summer planting. And the other bonus is that because the mums are perennials they will come back year after year.

With the perennials you will have to do some maintenance work to them. They will need to be thinned out when getting too big. This is also a plus because you can create more flowering plants for your gardens at no cost to you. When you do decide to thin down your plant, it really helps if you water them down first. This helps the ground to adhere to the roots, leaving a little damage and exposure as possible. Treat you plant to be transplanted with great care. That way you will be able to enjoy more plants for a longer time.

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