Common Poisonous Plants

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

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Plants are an important part of the lives of many but there are risks to home and hearth involved in the owning of certain plants. Throughout the ages plants have been used for potions, cures, poultices, and yes, even poisons. For this reason it should come as no great shock that some of the very plants we keep in our homes may actually pose a threat to ourselves, our children, or our pets if not properly tended. These plants are often referred to as poisonous plants and the reactions may come in the form of anything from mild nausea to death.

Of course, these symptoms can seem rather mild when compared with other common poisonous plants. Getting into the Christmas spirit you may find that there are some myths and some realities surrounding what are and are not poisonous plants. First of all, mistletoe is poisonous and eating the berries can lead to death. This is not one plant you want to allow your children easy access to. Perhaps this is why mistletoe is traditionally hung overhead. You should also take care that your pets do not have access either. Poinsettias on the other hand have been rumored to be poisonous when they are in fact not—though I do not suggest eating this particular plant unless you’d like an upset stomach. The rumors surrounding poinsettias may have begun as the result of the fact that many plants in the genus Euphorbia to which poinsettias belong are poisonous.

Lilies are a very common houseplant that is very poisonous to cats. Even in small doses this plant can lead to serious kidney damage. Tulip bulbs are another popular plant that is very dangerous to children and animals alike. Ingesting the bulb from tulips has been the culprit in poisonings of dogs and humans alike. Some are even so sensitive to the toxins in tulips that they should avoid touching tulips all together. Azaleas are yet another of the many common poisonous plants that you should be aware of. The normal side effects of exposure is some degree of tummy troubles though there have been cases of more serious side effects such as comas or even death.

Caution should always be exercised when exposing children and animal to pets. The truth of the matter is that even non-toxic plants can lead to serious tummy troubles if eaten by curious little mouths or rashes and allergic reactions when touched by those same tender hands. The plants mentioned above are a small sampling of some of the common poisonous plants you may find in or around your home and you really should take care to check on all of your plants if you have any doubt at all about whether or not you should expose them to your children or pets. You do not have to rid your home of plants in order to maintain safety just take the proper precautions to keep potentially harmful plants out of reach whenever possible.

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