Flowers are a critical element to a perfect landscape design. Because there is such a wide variety of flower types, you can come up with amazing artistic landscaping ideas.

Flower gardens are mostly used to add color to a landscaping design.

Unfortunately, most people get the use of flowers all wrong! We have included many sample pictures of flowers on this site to help you learn the best way to use flowers in your landscaping.

By using these pictures to give you ideas, you can determine which types of flowers you may want to use, the color schemes you like, the type of flower (perennials or annuals) and many other tips and techniques.

The most popular section of our elite photo gallery is the flower bed pictures section and the flower pot pictures.

Flowers Articles

Tips For Growing Orchids

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

The best tips anyone can provide when it comes to growing orchids is to choose wisely the orchids you will be growing according to the area in which you live. These beautiful flowers are not quite as delicate as you may have been led to believe. They do however have very specific environments in which they will flourish and thrive. Despite their seeming delicateness, orchids are one of the most versatile flowers you might come across.

How To Grow Hostas

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

Hostas are one of the most frequently used landscaping elements. These attractive plants are available in a variety of sizes and colors. In addition to their unparalleled aesthetic appeal, they are also notoriously hearty, making them a fine choice for landscaping projects of all sorts in a wide variety of locations.

Rose Garden

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

Roses are a beautiful flower. They add beauty and class to your home landscaping. Roses come in many colors including the infamous red, canary yellow, and white. Creating a rose garden is hard work, but well worth it when you see those gorgeous flowers in bloom. The location of your rose garden will determine how well the roses grow. You want to select an area where the roses can get at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. You also want to pick a site that has good drainage. If the ground is constantly damp it will affect the growth of the roses.

Plants That Thrive in Shade

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

If you’ve done a great deal of outdoor landscaping it is quite likely that you have encountered the problem of inadequate exposure to sunlight in certain areas of your lawn and garden along the way. The good news when dealing with this particular problem is that just as all gardens are not created equal, neither are all plants. Some plants actually thrive in conditions that lend themselves to very little or no direct exposure to sunlight. This means that even in the heavily shaded areas of your home you can get that occasional pop of color or greenery that brings such joy to your exterior living space.

Planting Evergreens

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

Evergreens are a type of tree that many of us love to have in our lawns. They provide valuable shade during the summer months and a festive taste of the holidays during the winter. They are also nice to have year round for many who may enjoy watching the leaves change colors in the fall but enjoy that nice touch of green year round. If you are considering adding some evergreen trees or shrubs to your landscaping I hope you’ll seriously consider them once you find out how easy planting evergreen trees really is, even for the novice gardener.

Drought Resistant Plants

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

When considering landscaping for the new millennium and beyond a great thing to keep in mind is that there is constant fear of global warming, the El Nino effect and countless other environmental anomalies that tend to keep cropping up along the way. Drought resistant landscaping and gardening is gaining popularity not only for the practicality of it today but also out of very real sense of fear for the necessity of this particular form of gardening tomorrow.

Common Poisonous Plants

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

Plants are an important part of the lives of many but there are risks to home and hearth involved in the owning of certain plants. Throughout the ages plants have been used for potions, cures, poultices, and yes, even poisons. For this reason it should come as no great shock that some of the very plants we keep in our homes may actually pose a threat to ourselves, our children, or our pets if not properly tended. These plants are often referred to as poisonous plants and the reactions may come in the form of anything from mild nausea to death.

Longest Lasting Flowers

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

You have enjoyed your flower beds and gardens all summer long. Now the nights are becoming cooler and the days a little shorter each and every day. We know that eventually most good things must come to and end. But, instead of it just ending you could prolong the inevitable. You are not ready to see the colors of fall just yet and all the time and tending you spent on your flowers wither away.

Great Ideas for Container Gardens and Potted Plant

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

Growing plants in pots is a great way to beautify your landscape. Not only is it easy and usually very inexpensive it can also be very gratifying to show off your own style and creativity. Ideas for what to plant in containers and pots are limitless and mixing various plants in one pot can create gorgeous potted displays worthy of gracing your front yard or backyard.

Growing Healthy Hostas

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

Hostas are fast becoming the plant of choice for many gardeners’ landscapes. Not only are they attractive, with their huge leaves in various combinations of green and shades of gold or blue and their beautiful blooms in summer with spikes of lavender to white, lily-like flowers, they are also very easy to grow.

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