Estimated Cost Of A White Picket Fence

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

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So you finally have made the decision. You decided to go for the White Picket Fence. We see this in all the movies of the American Dream. The white picket fence, the beautiful house, dad cooking on the grill, mom serving up the lemonade and the son playing with the dog. Now your going for the big dream.

The very first and most important step in building any fence is to contact or visit your city or town hall. Some locations have regulations on what types of fencing you are allowed to have. How high it can be. How close to your neighbors property line it can be.

Each community has their own regulations that must be followed. If you do not do know what you regulations are, it could end up being very costly to have your fence up to code. And if you would happen to put up fencing that is not allowed, all your hard work and efforts, along with the money you spent would all be for nothing.

After you know all the regulations, you will have to start measuring your yard for your footage. The recommended footage for a fence post is 6 – 8 feet apart. The average price per foot of fence at 4 feet high, is between $15.00 - $30.00 per foot, not including installation.

That should also include posts, caps, rails and pickets. So this should give you at least a base price. Shop around and look for the best deals. The best time to buy any outdoor products is at the end of the season. If you have the ability you could always store your items for installation for next year. This is a very cost effective method to purchasing outdoor products.

Especially if the fence you would like to get is a little over your budget. You might have to wait until spring to put it in, but you will be ever so grateful in the long run that you did it this way. And you are getting exactly what you want. That way you are not settling for a fence that you like, but instead are getting the one you really wanted. Keep in mind that you will be seeing your fence everyday for the duration of you homeownership.

Also make sure that you know your budget. Make sure to set some extra money aside in case an unexpected cost arises. For example you could be digging a post hole and come upon a massive boulder that would require costly excavation. Anything could happen. Always be prepared for unplanned issues that may arise.

Do you plan on installing the fence yourself? If this is the case you will have to purchase the appropriate tools for installation. You might consider some of the following:

A manual for fence installation $19.95 Post hole digger (w/engine) $500.00 - $3500.00 Post hole digger (manual) $50.00 – $100.00 Post hole digger depth gauge $2.00 Cement (according to type & package size) $3.00 - $16.00 (1 Package)

These are just some of the costs that are incurred in the process of erecting a fence. Do you plan on having an installation company install your fence? Do your shopping. I am not even going to give a price for this one because they can vary greatly.

There are a lot of variables to having a professional install your fence. Your best bet on this avenue is to call professional installers and get as many quotes as you possibly can. If you have a preference of an installer or an installer that you heard is good, having several other quotes in hand can help you in the bargaining portion to get you the best possible deal.

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