Vinyl Fences Suit Any Purpose

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

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You need a fence for your garden, but can’t decide what type to buy. They all have their pros and cons. A wooden fence may look good, but it needs painted and maintenance or it may rot. Some people use metal fences, but unless they are aluminum they might rust. Aluminum fences are very light and have to be well secured, so you don’t want a high wind!

There are also slatted fences, cane fences and simple hedges. Your choice is limitless, but have you considered all of the alternatives? Why should they all be made from high maintenance materials? Is it the price that is the deciding factor?

How about vinyl fences? Vinyl fences come in all colors and finishes. They can look like wood if that’s what you prefer, but without the weight and all the problems. One advantage of vinyl is that the color goes all the way through. The color of painted wood is the depth of the paint, and the same is true of metal. If you scratch a vinyl fence it’s almost unnoticeable, but you cannot say the same of metal. Their major disadvantage is that they tend to be expensive.

But when you really look at it, and weight up the benefits of vinyl fences, is that really true? Consider these facts:

Vinyl fences don’t rot. They don’t get attacked by insects. They don’t corrode like metal. You don’t have to paint them – just buy them the color you want. No need for creosote or preservative. All you do is put them up. No nails, no screws – just simple fixings. They can look the same each side – your neighbor will love you! The only thing against them is that they cost more than a wooden fence. But think on it: no paint, no preservative, a lot less installation work. Perhaps they are not so expensive after all!

There are a few other good things about vinyl fences. They clean easily: just hose them over. Other fences need a good scrub, though you usually end up just repainting them. Make that one payment for your vinyl fence and you don’t have to do any painting two years down the road. You can run a trellis up a vinyl fence easily, and you don’t have to worry about the ivy sucking it dry! No insects and no maintenance. Now there’s a plus for a couch potato if ever there was one – no maintenance!

Vinyl fences can be use for gardens and backyards, for sports fields, community areas, and indoor sports applications – and don’t forget vinyl gates to keep your children safe at the top of the stairs! Vinyl fences can be used wherever you need a barrier, and they can be purchased in a variety of designs from solid fences to bar fences to slats to intricate trellis designs. They are available from garden centers, department stores, local shops and more and more online. Any size, any shape, many colors.

Vinyl fences are very strong and flexible, and considerable easier to fit into intricate and awkward corners and shapes that either wood or metal. Many gardeners prefer vinyl because it is easy to hose down and does not provide a hiding place for grubs and insects, or mosses, fungi and lichens. It is garden friendly and blends into any garden colors or décor.

If you insist on a wooden or metal fence, by all means buy one, but not before you have at least considered the alternatives.

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