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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

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With so many material options out there for building your fence, the choice can be a very difficult one. Are you a busy professional that doesn’t have much time for yard maintenance? Are you a parent that is constantly running the kids to scouts, cheerleading or football? All in all, how much time do you have to devote to maintaining your yard.

Hum, a wooden or vinyl fence? How do I decide. Here is list of the pros and cons of wood and vinyl fencing.


Pros Cons
Maintenance Free Initially More Expensive
Graffiti Resistant Cracks
Termite Free Limited Color Choices
Fungus & Dry Rot Occassional Mold Cleanup
No Painting Fading Colors


Pros Cons
Inexpensive Yearly Maintenance
Any Color Wood Rot
All Natural Termites
Good Family Project Treatment for Poles
Easy to nail plant hangers and other decorations to Boards can warp

Wooden fences can be the pieces that hold the family together. Since this type of fence does require upkeep this is a great family project that all can partake in. You can walk the fence line together checking to see what repairs if any need to be made.

You can also make wooden flower boxes to set on the rails. This could entail making the boxes, painting the boxes with designs, picking out the types of flowers to plant and maintaining your flower boxes.

You could also stencil parts of your fence as a family project. Maybe giving the posts, gates, caps that special touch.

You could add bird houses to the tops of the posts and watch a family of birds raising their young. You could make wooden bird houses for each member of the family and have everyone paint their own house. In addition you could also put feeders on the posts that you hand made and painted as a family.

The old wooden fences are just a remembrance of simpler times. Envisioning the little boy in his overhauls whitewashing the fence. The ties and friendships that neighbors had in past. The women out in the backyard hanging out the laundry and catching up with the neighbor on current events or planning a small get together for a picnic.

These are the kinds of things that come to mind with an authentic wooden white picket fence.

PS: A hammer and nails just about all you need to fix your fence if a board falls off or becomes loose. Slightly cheaper than having to go out and buy a new piece for you fence every time something on it breaks.

If you are a very modern person, you probably do not have much time for these kinds of projects. So manufacturing has come out with the vinyl fence which is extremely low maintenance. With all our busy lifestyles we have very little time to maintain our yards much less a fence.

You can choose white or other colors that are offered by your local lumber yard. There are some really nice looking vinyl fences that are made that are hard to tell their vinyl unless you are up close.

The new vinyl material that is coming out is a lot better quality than when they first came out. They are more fade resistant because the color is all the way through the material. So is you fence would happen to get scratched or bumped, unless you are up close, no one should be able to notice.

You don’t have to worry about the bottom of the posts rotting off, the paint peeling, the boards warping or insect issues. You can just enjoy your fence year after year and not have to worry about it.

So what ever works best for you, you can have many years of enjoyment of you fence whether you are a busy person or the type of person that likes their fence to keep them busy.

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