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Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

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Black wrought iron fences may not guarantee privacy but they certainly make a lasting impression on those driving by. Seriously, there is nothing that makes a statement about class, elegance, style, and affluence quite as nicely as a wrought iron fence. Of course having spent a good portion of my life in New Orleans and receiving a healthy exposure to the Creole iron working that is quite common in the city and in surrounding parishes it brings to mind for me the stately old homes and plantations you would find in this part of the country. There is little else that can attest to elegance and gentility quite the way of an old plantation home surrounded by black wrought iron, fences or not.

With so many fencing choices today it is difficult for many to imagine going to the expense of wrought iron, which guarantees little privacy. Of course, wrought iron is not the way to go if privacy from prying eyes is your goal. This type of fence invites curiosity about the owners of the home it surrounds. This type of fence makes a statement more than anything else. However, a black wrought iron fence is very strong and if high enough will provide a layer of security for your family against intrusion. This security to me is worth so much more than the fear of prying eyes though both can be quite invasive.

If you love the look of black wrought iron fences but would like a layer of privacy there are ways to have both. First of all you could landscape according to your preferences. This actually works two ways that are equally great depending on your personal tastes. The first option is to plant bushes designed for privacy along the line of your fence. This will keep prying eyes from seeing inside and still allow those on the outside to appreciate the elegance of your fence.

Another great way is to add climbing vines of sort to your fences. These vines will take a little while to fill their full potential however, if you are selective with your gardening choices this can not only be a practical barrier to protect your privacy but also a beautiful addition to your landscaping (this is particularly true if you select vines that flower at different points during the year).

If landscaping endeavors simply aren’t your style for adding privacy you may want to consider a brick fence surrounding your property with a very ornate black wrought iron gate at the entrance and a few carefully selected points within the property. There are no hard and fast guarantees when it comes to privacy, especially when using wrought iron for your gates or fences but there are measures that can be taken to maximize the likelihood.

If you have the means to install black wrought iron fences on your property this is definitely a great statement to make. Your family can enjoy the beauty and elegance of these beautiful fences while visitors will form new respect for your taste and style.

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