Fences For Your Home

Fences serve several purposes for your home. A nice fence can not only keep pets & children in your yard, but they can also be a beautiful way of marking property lines, giving privacy from neighbors, or even just an accent to your landscaping.

There are an incredible amount of fence types available to consumers today. We’ll talk about the most common types of fences in this category of landscaping ideas online, as well as give tips for installing a fence on your own. If you are simply looking for fence pictures, then you can jump directly to that section, or go to our Premium Photo Gallery for fence photos here.

Many people like the look of a white picket fence, others enjoy the split rail fence. Chain link fences work well for keeping in dogs, and wooden privacy fences work wonders for blocking out those nosy neighbors. If wood is not your style, you can get a white vinyl fence for privacy as well.

Before you invest in a fence, be sure to check out our white picket fence cost estimate guide so you don’t overpay for your fence purchase.

Fences For Your Home Articles

Black Iron Privacy Fences

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

Black wrought iron fences may not guarantee privacy but they certainly make a lasting impression on those driving by. Seriously, there is nothing that makes a statement about class, elegance, style, and affluence quite as nicely as a wrought iron fence. Of course having spent a good portion of my life in New Orleans and receiving a healthy exposure to the Creole iron working that is quite common in the city and in surrounding parishes it brings to mind for me the stately old homes and plantations you would find in this part of the country. There is little else that can attest to elegance and gentility quite the way of an old plantation home surrounded by black wrought iron, fences or not.

Fence Materials Pros and Cons

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

With so many material options out there for building your fence, the choice can be a very difficult one. Are you a busy professional that doesn’t have much time for yard maintenance? Are you a parent that is constantly running the kids to scouts, cheerleading or football? All in all, how much time do you have to devote to maintaining your yard.

White Picket Fences

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 19th January 2012

The white picket fence has become an icon. It is not merely a means of tracing a property line or a frame upon which rambling roses may grow. The picket fence has become a symbol of property ownership and an embodiment of a key component of the so-called American dream.

Estimated Cost Of A White Picket Fence

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

So you finally have made the decision. You decided to go for the White Picket Fence. We see this in all the movies of the American Dream. The white picket fence, the beautiful house, dad cooking on the grill, mom serving up the lemonade and the son playing with the dog. Now your going for the big dream.

Vinyl Fences Suit Any Purpose

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th January 2012

You need a fence for your garden, but can’t decide what type to buy. They all have their pros and cons. A wooden fence may look good, but it needs painted and maintenance or it may rot. Some people use metal fences, but unless they are aluminum they might rust. Aluminum fences are very light and have to be well secured, so you don’t want a high wind!

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